Here is the full table of contents of issue 20 of Finestre Sull'Arte Magazine

Maurizio Cattelan on the cover, an issue entirely dedicated to the color white: issue 20 of Finestre Sull'Arte Magazine is out. Here is the full table of contents. An issue not to be missed!

The new issue of Finestre Sull’Arte Magazine, issue 20 of our printed quarterly, is out now, to which you can subscribe at a cost of only 39.90 euros per year (you will receive four issues, 176 pages each bound in fine paperback with high-quality print images and monographic articles). Alternatively, a single copy can be purchased for 10.90 euros. Issue 20, due out in December, is dedicated to the color white. Here is the full table of contents. To subscribe or pre-order a single copy, there is time until Nov. 12. Click here for more information about subscription.

News: The reopening of the Pinacoteca Civica “Il Guercino” in Cento. Article by Ilaria Baratta.

News: debate on “What policies for reproductions of cultural heritage?” Speakers: Andrea Brugnoli (Coordinator Free Photographs Movement for Cultural Heritage, Lecturer in Humanistic Informatics, University of Verona), Roberto Caso (Full Professor of Comparative Private Law, University of Trento), Deborah De Angelis (DDA Studio Legale), Gloria Gatti (Gloria Gatti Law Firm), Daniele Manacorda (Full Professor of Methodology and Technique of Archaeological Research 2004-2019, University of Roma Tre), Anna Maria Mauro (Director, National Museum of Matera), Iolanda Pensa (Researcher Culture and Territory, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland), Stefania Ventra (Researcher in Museology, University of Venice Ca’ Foscari), Giuliano Volpe (Professor of Archaeology, University of Bari), Digital Cultural Heritage Group of ICOM Italy

Works and artists: Fontana ceramist. Article by Stella Cattaneo

Works and artists: The free dimension of Piero Manzoni. Article by Daniele Panucci

Works and artists: The marble portraiture of Giuliano Finelli. Article by Andrea Fusani

Artworks and artists: The sarcophagus of Portonaccio

Grand Tour: Palazzo Bianco in Genoa. Article by Ilaria Baratta

Contemporary Lounge: The marble works of Maurizio Cattelan. Article by Tristana Chinni (cover story).

Contemporary Lounge: Dee Ferris, the persistence of painting. Article by Jacopo Suggi

ContemporaryLounge: The art of Carlo Benvenuto. Article by Davide Landoni

Away from the spotlight, chosen by the editor: The Della Robbia terracottas of Foiano della Chiana. Article by Federico Giannini.

In the spotlight: The upside-down world of Yayoi Kusama. Article by Anna De Fazio Siciliano

In thespotlight: Valerio Castello. The “noble ingenuity” of Genoa’s greatest Baroque painter. Article by Giorgio Dellacasa

Here is the full table of contents of issue 20 of Finestre Sull'Arte Magazine
Here is the full table of contents of issue 20 of Finestre Sull'Arte Magazine

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