Hybrids and fantastic animals: the summary of the new issue of Windows on Art

Hybrids and fantastic animals, instructions on how to visit the Venice Biennale, current events, museums and more. Here is the table of contents for issue 14 of Windows on Art Magazine, our quarterly print magazine.

Issue 14 of Finestre sull’Arte Magazine is out now, dedicated to the theme of hybrids and fantastic creatures, with a “Debate” section in which the experts we involved will discuss ways to visit the Venice Biennale. There is only until May 20 to subscribe to the magazine: four issues a year for only 39.90 euros plus shipping, single copy for 11.90 euros(all information at this link). Below is the full table of contents with the title of the column in italics.

Current events: restoration work at the Pisa Baptistery.

Current events: debate on “How to visit the Venice Biennale”? Speakers: Floriana Conte (Associate Professor of History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Museology, University of Foggia), Milena Cordioli (Lecturer in Art Didactics for Museums and Communication and Enhancement of the Artistic Heritage, Accademia Santa Giulia), Alice Devecchi (Lecturer in History of theContemporary Art, University of Urbino), Ada Patrizia Fiorillo (Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History, University of Ferrara), Patrizia Mania (Historian of theArt, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History, University della Tuscia), Adriana Rispoli (Curator and art historian, coordinator of the Public Program of the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale 2022), Carlo Tamanini (Coordinator Area Educazione e Mediazione, Mart, Rovereto), Vincenzo Trione (Art Historian, Full Professor of Art and Media and of History of Contemporary Art, IULM, Milan), Stefania Zuliani (Full Professor of Museum and Exhibition Theory in the Contemporary Age and of Theory of Art Criticism, University of Salerno).

Works and Artists: Art and Metamorphosis. Ovid’s imagery in the Renaissance. Article by Jacopo Suggi

Works and artists: The grotesques, story of a singular discovery. Article by Francesca Interguglielmi.

Works and artists: The Temptations of St. Anthony in the Renaissance: the triumph of true faith over evil. Article by Giorgio Dellacasa.

Grand Tour: Clear Lights of the Ancient: The Zodiac of Palazzo d’Arco in Mantua. Article by Lorenzo Bonoldi.

Rendezvous: Vicino Orsini, the lord of monsters. Article by Ilaria Baratta.

Contemporary Lounge: Koen Vanmechelen, The art of biodiversity. Article by Michela Bassanello

Contemporary Lounge: Luigi Serafini, the fantastic animals of the Codex Seraphinianus. Article by Tristana Chinni.

Away from the spotlight: Vitale da Bologna’s San Giorgio. Article by Ilaria Baratta.

Away fromthe spotlight - Editor’s choice: Fernand Khnopff. Leaving reality, entering the dream. Article by Federico Giannini.

In the spotlight: MythicalCanova: Mythology in the work of the Possagno sculptor. Article by Fabrizio Federici.

Spotlight: Remedios Varo, the bewitched sorceress. Article by Anna De Fazio Siciliano.

Travel notebooks: what to see in Mantua, where to find works by Canova in Italy, 12 unusual places in Italy.

Copertina di Finestre sull'Arte Magazine 14
Cover of Windows on Art Magazine 14

Hybrids and fantastic animals: the summary of the new issue of Windows on Art
Hybrids and fantastic animals: the summary of the new issue of Windows on Art