The summary of issue 11 of Windows on Art on Paper, all about art and the environment

Issue 11 of our print magazine Windows on Art on Paper will be all about art and the environment. Here is the full table of contents: there is time until August 23 to subscribe.

There is time until August 23 to subscribe to Windows on Art on Paper, our print magazine. You can buy your subscription(here is the link) at a cost of only 29.90 euros for four issues, plus postage, which varies depending on your location.With the subscription, you will receive the magazine starting in September, for one year. Each issue consists of 176 pages, bound in an elegant paperback, with twelve to thirteen articles by art historians, critics, young and established journalists, and very rich and detailed illustrations. For those who do not wish to subscribe, there is the possibility of purchasing a single copy for only 9.90 euros, plus shipping(here is the link to reserve your copy, again by August 23).

Issue 11 of Windows on Art on paper is dedicated to the relationship between art and the environment, with an issue therefore all about sustainability. Below is the full table of contents with the title of the ubrica in italics(News, or news and news from the art world; Grand Tour, to discover the most interesting places and museums in Italy, or the works they preserve; Works and Artists, in-depth itineraries on great artists and their masterpieces; Rendez-vous, a column devoted to collectors and patrons of the past and present; Contemporary Lounge, in-depth features on contemporary art; Wunderkammer, the column on iconic objects).

Current events: the Borges labyrinth in Venice, article by Ilaria Baratta.

Current events: debate on museums at the challenge of sustainability. Speakers: Eike Schmidt (Uffizi Galleries), Marco Pierini (National Gallery of Umbria), Paola D’Agostino (Bargello Museums), Angélique Delorme (Musée du Quai Branly), Suhanya Raffel (M+ Museum for Visual Culture, Hong Kong), Michela Rota (museologist, museum sustainability specialist), Bridget McKenzie (Climate Museum), Rossella Lucco (MAcA - Museum A come Ambiente).

Works and artists: history of landscape painting, article by Giorgio Dellacasa.

Works and artists: double article on Land Art, with history of Land Art (article by Luca Sposato) and in-depth study of five key works (article by Stella Cattaneo).

Works and artists: nature in Giovanni Segantini, article by Jacopo Suggi (cover story).

Works and artists: the Prehistory cycle by Piero di Cosimo, article by Ilaria Baratta.

Grand Tour: Cento, the frescoes of Guercino’s Casa Pannini and Casa Benotti, article by Federico Giannini.

Grand Tour: double article on Franco Maria Ricci, with choices of the collector and Labirinto (article by Federico Giannini) and a remembrance of the man and the collector (article by Vittorio Sgarbi).

Contemporary Lounge: Tony Cragg, article by Francesca Della Ventura.

Contemporary Lounge: Ingela Ihrman, article by Tristana Chinni.

Contemporary Lounge: Andreco, article by Stella Cattaneo.

Wunderkammer: the Ashmole bestiary.

La copertina di Finestre sull'Arte n. 11
The cover of Windows on Art No. 11.

The summary of issue 11 of Windows on Art on Paper, all about art and the environment
The summary of issue 11 of Windows on Art on Paper, all about art and the environment

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