Ryanair announces new routes from Bergamo, Milan and Rome

Ryanair today unveiled its operations for summer 2023 to and from Milan and Rome, and unveiled the twelve new routes for the airline's two Lombard bases, Bergamo - Orio al Serio and Milan Malpensa (ten to Bergamo and two to Malpensa) and sixteen to Rome.

Ryanair announced this morning, January 12, its summer 2023 operations to and from its two Milan bases (Bergamo - Orio al Serio and Malpensa) with twelve new routes to various European locations. Ryanair will base two new aircraft in Milan (30 in total) for summer 2023, with an investment of an additional $200 million, creating more than 100 new highly paid jobs for pilots, cabin crew and engineers. Of the 12 new routes, 10 are to Bergamo and two to Malpensa. The cities that will be accessible from Bergamo are Baden (Germany), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Brno (Czech Republic), Cluj (Romania), Düsseldorf (Germany), IaÈ™i (Romania), Łódź (Poland), Lublin (Poland), Rijeka (Croatia), and Zakynthos (Greece). The two new routes from Malpensa, however, are Zadar (Croatia) and Kos (Greece).

Ryanair’s 2023 operations to Milan will also include a $3 billion investment in Milan’s two airports, increased frequencies on 54 routes to Belgium, Croatia, Malta, Poland, Spain, the U.K. and domestically, more than 13,000 on-site jobs, including more than 1,200 direct, highly paid pilots, cabin crew and engineers.

Ryanair will operate over 2,000 weekly flights to and from Milan in summer 2023 (+25 percent growth over 2019), with the goal of contributing to inbound tourism growth and employment. “Ryanair,” reads a note, “offers its customers the widest choice and lowest fares for summer vacations. This unparalleled growth is supported by Ryanair’s $3 billion investment in Bergamo and Malpensa airports, with 30 aircraft based, carrying 4 percent more passengers than pre-Covid.” Finally, “in order to grow tourism in Italy in 2023, Ryanair still calls on the new Prime Minister and his government to abolish the municipal surtax for all Italian airports and allow Ryanair to offer even more growth, tourism and jobs in Italy in 2023.”

As for Rome, Ryanair’s summer 2023 operations to Rome will include 15 based aircraft (including 2 B737 “Gamechangers” at Ciampino), a $1.5 billion investment in Rome’s two airports (Fiumicino and Ciampino), and the sixteen new routes. Five are on Ciampino: Amman (Jordan), East Midlands (England), Liverpool (England), Rabat (Morocco), Tangier (Morocco). Eleven are instead on Fiumicino: Alicante (Spain), Asturias (Spain), Cork (Ireland), Dublin (Ireland), Faro (Portugal), Gdansk (Poland), Memmingen (Germany), Palma (Spain), Skiathos (Greece), Split (Croatia), Vilnius (Lithuania). Ryanair will operate more than 1,000 weekly flights to and from Rome in summer 2023 (+10% growth over S19).

Citizens and visitors to Milan and Rome can already book the new Ryanair routes on Ryanair.com for their vacations in 2023, with prices starting at €29.99 for bookings made by January 14 and for travel between February and May 2023.

Ryanair announces new routes from Bergamo, Milan and Rome
Ryanair announces new routes from Bergamo, Milan and Rome

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