Important discovery in Britain: remains of unique ancient Roman villa

Remains of a unique ancient Roman villa discovered in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. An important find for understanding the Roman period in Britain.

In Scarborough, North Yorkshire County, the remains of an ancient Roman villa consisting of a central circular hall with a various rooms overlooking it, including public baths, have been discovered. The remains extend over about 1.2 kilometers. Archaeologists consider it amajor discovery, the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom, and it is also perhaps the first such complex in the Roman Empire to be discovered. For this reason, the find should be considered of considerable importance because it is useful in understanding the Roman period in Britain.

Keith Emerick, inspector of ancient monuments, said that "these remains constitute a fantastic discovery and represent much more than we ever dreamed we would discover at this site. Through these remains we already have a better understanding of Roman Britain. We are grateful to Keepmoat Homes for their sensitivity and professionalism in ensuring the future preservation of this important historic site."

In fact, the remains were discovered during excavations for the construction of a new housing development that Keepmoat Homes was taking care of. In collaboration with Historic England, North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Council, Keepmoat has modified its design of the housing complex to protect the remains of the ancient mansion, as homes were originally to have been built on the site.

Historic England will provide support for archaeological work that includes analysis and publication of discoveries made at the site. It also announced that it will apply for the site’s inclusion in the Monuments of National Significance.

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Important discovery in Britain: remains of unique ancient Roman villa
Important discovery in Britain: remains of unique ancient Roman villa

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