Artists in Solidarity Network fundraiser kicks off to help Italian health facilities

Kicking off March 28 at 3 p.m. is the Artists in Solidarity Network - ARS fundraiser in support of the Italian health facilities most in need in the emergency.

Starting Saturday, March 28, 2020, at 3 p.m., the Artists in Solidarity Network - ARS fundraiser to help the Italian public health facilities most in need due to theCovid-19 emergency kicks off.

Artists are providing some of their works at a low cost that can be purchased through dedicated social channels, making a direct transfer to Bergamo hospitals and all health facilities and voluntary associations involved in the front line against the Coronavirus. The full list of works is available at com/view/artistsinretesolidale-ars/ and there are already many artists participating in the initiative: Ale Senso, Emanuele Crotti, Alessandra Carloni, Alessio B, Arcadio Krayon Pinto, Zero Mentale, Alessio Bolognesi, Gianle Lametà, Awer, Tora Aghabayova, Sea Creative, Manu Invisible, Carmine Bellucci, Daniele Vacon Sartirani, Bettina Summer, Silvia Sartano, Paolo Baraldi aka il Baro, Nicola Rezinik, Aqua Aura, Samanta Malavasi and many others. The list is constantly being updated and open to spontaneous memberships.

The initiative was kicked off by artist Ale Senso, originally from Bergamo but living in Berlin, and stated: “The health emergency, the economic emergency, the social emergency... I am convinced that the time has come for all of us to become active participants and devote our time and resources both to support those of us who by professional vocation are on the front lines, and to begin to design the aftermath, to ensure that what happened never happens again. We must, all of us, take care of our society. We can and must eschew prejudice and confront our ideas with dignity and respect rather than respond by shouting without listening. This experience teaches us that no matter how well-off or needy one is, we are all human beings with the same desire to live together and that the good of others is also our good. To take immediate action, I thought of launching a fundraiser to financially support our health care facilities that have been hawked by decades of spending cuts. For this purpose I am making available some of my most recent works in which I have narrated the fragmentation and intimate loneliness imposed on human beings by an increasingly economistic and commodifying social organization, as well as the need for a rebirth.”

Many young artists joined the project, thanks in part to the involvement of curator Elisabetta Bacchin, Domenico Richichi and artist Emanuele Crotti.

The logo of Artists in Solidarity Network - ARS, created by Ale Senso, is inspired by the RNA chain. “Just as messenger RNA encodes and carries information during transcription from DNA to sites of protein synthesis, ARS aims to be a human chain that encodes and carries a message for social activation.”

Below is the mechanism of the initiative in detail:

-The works can be viewed on the Facebook page and Instagram profile.
- The donor books the work via email and within 24 hours sends proof of the donation made directly to the IBAN of the marked hospitals to the same email;
- The work is marked as no longer available;
- The donated work will be shipped as soon as possible to the donor, consistent with travel restrictions in force in the country where each artist resides.

For reservations write to

Pictured is the logo of the initiative

Artists in Solidarity Network fundraiser kicks off to help Italian health facilities
Artists in Solidarity Network fundraiser kicks off to help Italian health facilities

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