Details of Perugino's masterpieces to explore with a click

For the 500th anniversary of Perugino's death, online the great masterpieces in ultra-high definition: the initiative stems from a collaboration between the National Gallery of Umbria and Haltadefinizione.

Following the great success of the exhibition The Best Master of Italy. Perugino in His Time, organized by the National Gallery of Umbria for the recently concluded 500th anniversary of Perugino’s death, the digital exploration of the Maestro’s masterpieces continues. The collaboration between the National Gallery of Umbria and Haltadefinizione continues, and the campaign to acquire the paintings is part of the initiatives promoted to commemorate the fifth centenary.

The Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria is the museum that preserves the largest number of Perugino’s works; a selection of masterpieces from the collection can now be explored on Haltadefinizione’s website, and among them could not miss the Marriage of the Virgin, painted from between 1501 and 1504. Confiscated by Napoleon’s troops more than two centuries ago, the work is currently housed at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Caen, Normandy. The oil on panel painting was the centerpiece of the exhibition organized by the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria; before the exhibition began and ahead of its long-awaited return to Italy, the Haltadefinizione team traveled to Caen to acquire the work with gigapixel technology. In addition to the Wedding of the Virgin, it is possible to investigate down to the smallest detail the Adoration of the Magi, the Pietà of the Farneto, the Ranieri Annunciation, the Deposed Christ (cymatium of the Decemvirs Altarpiece), the Banner of Justice, the Madonna of the Confraternity of Consolation, the Tezi Altarpiece, theAdoration of the Shepherds and the Baptism of Christ from the Polyptych of St. Augustine, the Monteripido Opisthograph Alt arpiece and the Graziani Altarpiece, which are preserved and visible at the Umbrian Gallery.

The ultra-high resolution acquisition of Perugino’s works and its enjoyment will allow all enthusiasts to access and explore the details and magnificence of the masterpieces from anywhere in the world. UV and IR diagnostic analyses have been conducted on some works in the collection to monitor their state of conservation. This is the case of the Adoration of the Magi, an early masterpiece by the artist, digitized in gigapixels and through multispectral surveys, which allowed restorers to investigate in detail the state of preservation, and reveal, thanks to the ultra-high-definition image, the inscription “I” on the collar of the young man on the left, a self-portrait of the artist.

Every brushstroke, every nuance of color, and every detail of Perugino’s works can be explored and appreciated at the click of a button. This extraordinary opportunity to access and enjoy Perugino’s art offers enthusiasts and scholars the chance to immerse themselves in the great master’s fascinating world even after the physical exhibition has closed. Through digitization, the hidden details of the works will be able to be revealed and studied in an accurate manner, allowing for a more complete understanding and deep connection to Perugino’s artistic genius.

Ultra-high definition images of Perugino’s masterpieces are available on Haltadefinizione at

“This tool is an enhancement of sight, something unimaginable, it’s like turning all our works into Flemish paintings, where visual power is taken to the cube,” says Marco Pierini, director of the National Gallery of Umbria. “The digitization project goes beyond the exhibition project because it makes the works usable remotely, but it also offers much more, because it is a tool for conservation and research, even before it is a tool for fruition.”

Details of Perugino's masterpieces to explore with a click
Details of Perugino's masterpieces to explore with a click

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