Liguria, Vallecrosia village reborn thanks to street art: redevelopment project kicks off

In Liguria, the village of Vallecrosia kicks off an urban redevelopment project based on street art. Here are the first interventions.

A Ligurian village reborn thanks to a street art project: it is happening in Vallecrosia (province of Imperia), in the westernmost part of Liguria, just before Ventimiglia. It is an urban redevelopment intervention promoted by Stradedarts for the Municipality of Vallecrosia, which will last for three years and began with two large marine-themed murals entrusted to the hand of Stefania Marchetto, in art SteReal, who has been in Vallecrosia since July 9 to create the murals that decorate the underpass of Via Cristoforo Colombo. Painting a total of 24 meters of wall, on one side SteReal brought to life a huge whale immersed in the blue, among the waves of the sea, while on the other side she painted a paper ship passing through it.

SteReal’s two murals will redevelop the walls that surround the only access point to the sea, a central junction and passageway for the city of Vallecrosia and for the inhabitants and tourists who pass through it daily to reach beaches and lidos located along the coast. The third intervention, on the other hand, is the work of another Milanese street artist, KayOne (Marco Mantovani), who painted the underpass accessing Vallecrosia’s bike path, re-evaluating another focal point for the town.

As mentioned, the interventions do not end here: the works of SteReal and KayOne are in fact the first of ten street art operations that will be implemented over the next three years. The project, titled VallecrosiArt, aims to bring the city closer to street art and thus bring, for the first time in this village in the province of Imperia, street artists among the best on the contemporary scene and of high artistic caliber, with the intention of regenerating disused or abandoned areas.

Under the Patronage of the Municipality of Vallecrosia and under the artistic direction of Alessandro Mantovani, founder and project manager of Stradedarts Urban Gallery, VallecrosiArt is project number 189 in a series of events promoted by Stradedarts and carried out around Italy. Dealing since 1988 with writing and street art, Stradedarts aims to promote the best Italian and foreign artists in the field, street artists who, starting from graffiti on metropolitan walls, have managed to emerge in the world of contemporary art.

Pictured is one of SteReal’s murals.

Liguria, Vallecrosia village reborn thanks to street art: redevelopment project kicks off
Liguria, Vallecrosia village reborn thanks to street art: redevelopment project kicks off

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