Steve McCurry's new book, devoted entirely to childhood, out now

Steve McCurry's new book, titled "Children of the World. Portraits of Innocence," and entirely devoted to childhood.

A newborn baby is carefully inspected in a hospital in Jaipur, a little girl smiles from a bench in Rome’s Piazza Navona, and some little boys crowd in front of the camera in Havana: these are some of the stories told in Steve McCurry ’s (Philadelphia, 1950) latest book, entirely devoted tochildhood. In his long career and his many travels, the great American photographer has in fact portrayed the children he has met numerous times, and in many of his photographs he has also managed to suggest the stories behind the faces of the little ones portrayed.

For the first time, the book Children of the World. Portraits of Innocence, published by Mondadori and released on October 19, brings together a selection of these images. Images spanning fifty years, from war zones to the affluent West, from big cities to rural villages, the book contains images of children from 46 different countries, from Japiur to Rome. With an introduction by Ziauddin Yousufzai, Malala’s father, and with a talk by critic Owen Edwards, the book is meant to be a colorful portrait of the challenges, hopes and adventures of children around the world.

“Steve McCurry’s memorable shots,” says Ziauddin Yousafzai masterfully capture the heart, soul and humanity of children, down to the remotest corners of our planet. His art becomes a kind of meditation, intense and unforgettable."

“McCurry’s vision of childhood,” points out critic Owen Edwards, “is as varied and diverse as children around the world. But no matter where he aims his lens, the common thread is this: as long as there are children there is hope. McCurry uses his camera not to provide a vivid account of who they are and where they are, but with a desire to evoke hope for humanity.”

“I have had the great privilege of photographing children all over the world,” writes Steve McCurry, “and now that I too have a daughter I appreciate their energy, their curiosity, their potential even more. Despite the difficult context in which many of them are born, babies have the ability to play, smile, laugh and share small moments of joy. There is always hope that a child can grow up and change the world. I hope the images in this book will help all of us redouble our efforts to show compassion, respect and love toward children in our communities and around the world.”

The 208-page book can be purchased directly from the publisher’s website for 40.

Steve McCurry's new book, devoted entirely to childhood, out now
Steve McCurry's new book, devoted entirely to childhood, out now

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