Alberto Angela pays tribute to Gigi Proietti with an episode of Ulysses dedicated

On Nov. 4, an episode of Ulisse tribute to Gigi Proietti, one of the most assiduous contributors to Alberto Angela's program, will air on Rai1

Alberto Angela pays tribute to Gigi Proietti: the episode of Ulysses - The Pleasure of Discovery on Wednesday, November 4, which will air on Rai1 at 9:25 p.m., will in fact feature the great actor who died yesterday. The episode that most represents him will be rebroadcast, namely the one dedicated to Cleopatra, in which Proietti recites from the Roman Forum the Shakespearean oration of Antony in the death of Caesar.

In the episode aired in 2018, Alberto Angela, starting from the Colosseum, traversing ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, and stopping at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, will reconstruct the story of the last queen of Egypt, with the main stages and events of her existence marked by court intrigues, battles and great love stories.

In the atmosphere of the Roman Forum, Gigi Proietti will recite one of the most famous monologues written by Shakespeare, the funeral oration with which Antony succeeded in winning over the Roman people soon after Caesar’s death.

Proietti has been one of the most assiduous contributors to the program hosted by Alberto Angela, and this was also seen in the new episodes of Ulysses broadcast in recent weeks.

With these words the well-known host said goodbye to the great actor: “The news of Gigi Proietti’s passing has particularly shaken me. A giant of the Italian stage is missing, leaving an unbridgeable void. When you were in front of him, in front of his art, in front of his person, you realized that you were in front of an outstanding performer, a unique artist who knew how to involve you totally in any kind of performance. His art was never ostentatious and he was always able to put the people he was dealing with at ease. In the years that we collaborated, I was not only fortunate enough to know his professional gifts, which we all came to appreciate. With his humility, humanity and simplicity, Gigi was one of the truest, most respectful and humane men I have ever met. I embrace his family at this sad moment and thank him for giving me, my programs and the entire audience his art, his vision of life, seasoned always with that unforgettable smile that will remain etched in our hearts like an indelible tattoo. Today goes one of ours. Hello Gigi. Alberto.”

Alberto Angela pays tribute to Gigi Proietti with an episode of Ulysses dedicated
Alberto Angela pays tribute to Gigi Proietti with an episode of Ulysses dedicated

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