Backpack and notebook: kicking off new art program, Art Rider, tonight

Premiering tonight on Rai 5, the new six-part program dedicated to art, Art Rider. Archaeologist Andrea Angelucci hosts.

A new Rai program dedicated to art, Art Rider, starts tonight on Rai 5. A six-episode first-run series that will take viewers on a discovery of Italy’s most hidden and mysterious places.

Conducted by Andrea Angelucci, a young archaeologist and eclectic travel designer: with the help of infographics, he will uncover places and corners often shrouded in mysteries and legends, hidden in the woods, guarded on top of snowy mountains, forgotten in a ruined castle. Treasures that tell of the splendor of bygone eras in our Peninsula, rich in artistic assets that often escape even the most attentive visitor’s eye.

Reaching these places requires not only backpacking and good will, but also knowledge of history and territory, a spirit of adventure and a dash of luck. Approaching these hidden treasures often involves tackling climbs, snowstorms, walking unfamiliar trails and spending more than a few nights inside a tent.

Angelucci always travels with his notebook, a journal in which he draws and paints the sights and works of art he discovers on his journey.

Over the course of the six episodes, the archaeologist will reach various Italian locations, from Gabii to Subiaco, discovering the beauty of the Aniene Valley, from Rome to Melfi, searching for the Orient among the streets of Italy, among Greek icons and Byzantine mosaics. From Tagliacozzo to Castelli, with the ancient tradition of transhumance, named a UNESCO Intangible World Heritage Site. From Mount Amiata to Valnerina, among the fairy-tale forests and pristine mountains of Tuscia, with the Bomarzo Park and the mysterious architecture of the Scarzuola, from Pietravairano to Cancello, to dive into the waters of the Gulf of Naples, in search of the remains of the city submerged Baia, and finally, from Monte D’Accoddi to Sant’Antioco, to discover Sardinia, the cradle of Nuragic civilization and an ancient Phoenician tradition, guarded by a woman.

In the first episode, it will go from Gabii to Subiaco. Overshadowed by the myth of its neighbor Tiber, the Aniene is an often forgotten river; yet its waters witnessed the founding of the Eternal City, contributing to the birth of the Empire. Andrea retraces its course to its source, encountering hidden shrines and fascinating villages rich in forgotten works of art, such as ancient Gabii. he will travel to discover the beauty of the Aniene valley, all the way to Subiaco, to the monastery of St. Benedict. Here he will breathe in the calm and sanctity of places that have inspired artists, monks and artisans, a stone’s throw from the cells where the Hermit Saint took refuge.

Backpack and notebook: kicking off new art program, Art Rider, tonight
Backpack and notebook: kicking off new art program, Art Rider, tonight

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