Great Art in Cinema starts again at Raphael: June 21, 22 and 23 only

On June 21, 22 and 23 only, the docu-film Raphael. The Young Prodigy for Great Art at the Movies.

Great Art in Cinema, the Sky and Nexo Digital event that brings art to movie theaters, is back. After a stop due to the health emergency, it starts again with Raphael. The Young Prodigy, to celebrate the five hundredth anniversary of Raphael’s death, which falls in 2020. On June 21, 22 and 23 only, Italian cinemas will screen the docu-film, with the narrator Valeria Golino, which aims to tell the story of Raphael starting from his most famous female portraits. The mother, the lover, the patron, the goddess: the protagonists of the Urbino painter’s life give an opportunity to tell the story of the painter from a new perspective and to investigate his continuous search for absolute beauty. Among the most important shots were also those taken at some of the works housed inside the Scuderie del Quirinale on the occasion of last year’s exhibition, Raphael 1520-1483, which saw a huge number of the artist’s masterpieces brought together in one exhibition.

Raphael. The Young Wunderkind, directed by Massimo Ferrari and produced by Sky, focuses on the painter’s artistic metamorphosis and his ability to continually evolve his art without ever repeating himself. At the age of eight, Raphael loses his mother. According to legend, his father, Giovanni Santi, portrayed his wife Magìa in the guise of a Madonna who puts her own child to sleep, keeping her memory alive in her son. The Madonna and child became major themes in all of Raphael’s production and, along with the female portraits, are those that best tell of his extraordinary ability to interpret beauty. His research starts from real existent figures to arrive at an ideal beauty that culminates in the realization of Galatea, the nymph who encompasses the most beautiful parts of every woman. The Muta, Lady with Lyocorn, the Veiled, and the Fornarina are among Raphael’s most famous portraits. Painter to the Pope, conservator of antiquities, archaeologist-explorer descending into an obscure Domus Aurea, Raphael is also a versatile figure full of ingenuity, capable of becoming an all-around reference point for his contemporaries and future generations.

Guiding viewers in their discovery of the artist, in addition to Vincenzo Farinella, professor of History of Modern Art at the University of Pisa and the project’s historical-scientific consultant, will be authoritative talks by Lorenza Mochi Onori, art historian and expert on Raphael; Giuliano Pisani, classical philologist and Italian art historian; Tom Henry, director of the University of Kent in Rome, Amélie Ferrigno, art historian and research associate at the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance (CESR Tours), Ippolita di Majo, scriptwriter and art historian, and Gloria Fossi, medieval and modern art historian.

Emphasizing the story are animations created by award-winning illustrator Giordano Poloni that, through an evocative and dreamy language, bring to the stage some emblematic moments of Raphael’s story and his most famous works in a mix of legend, reality and myth.

Produced by Sky with executive production entrusted to Progetto Immagine, Raphael. The Young Prodigy has obtained the Patronage of the City of Urbino.

La Grande Arte al Cinema is an original and exclusive project of Nexo Digital and is distributed exclusively in Italy by Nexo Digital with media partners Radio Capital, Sky Arte,, and in collaboration with Abbonamento Musei.

Great Art in Cinema starts again at Raphael: June 21, 22 and 23 only
Great Art in Cinema starts again at Raphael: June 21, 22 and 23 only