Great Art returns to Cinema with docu-films on Venice, Napoleon and Pompeii

Great Art at the Movies starts again this fall with three new docu-films dedicated to Venice, Napoleon and Pompeii.

The Great Art returns to theaters this fall with three new titles.

It starts Oct. 11, 12 and 13 with VENICE. INFINITE ADVANCE, on a subject by Didi Gnocchi, with screenplay by Sabina Fedeli, Didi Gnocchi, Valeria Parisi, Arianna Marelli, and directed by Michele Mally. Celebrating the 1,600th anniversary of its founding, the documentary film takes off from the immense Venetian heritage to tell the story of the city. Artistic and cultural connections between the palaces that hold masterpieces and historical objects, and simple visual connections that, through the ages, go on to compose the portrait of a futuristic city. In the docu-film Carlo Cecchi gives us the memory of the city: a master of Italian theater who has studied, known and worked with the great intellectuals, directors, literary figures and actors of twentieth-century culture. Also moving through the sights of Venice is a very talented young Polish pianist, Hania Rani: she seeks inspiration and suggestions for her music to compose the film’s soundtrack. Hania moves among museums, calli, palaces and Venetian wonders. Holding the thread between these two different looks at Venice and, above all, between two different generations is the narrative voice of Lella Costa. A tale that leads the viewer to navigate between eras and cross stories and relationships between past, present and future. VENICE. INFINITE ADVANCE is produced by 3D Produzioni and Nexo Digital with the collaboration of Villaggio Globale International, with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo and the special collaboration of Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

OnNovember 8, 9, 10, the docu-film dedicated to a great character, Napoleon, will be presented. NAPOLEON. IN THE NAME OF ART recounts how Bonaparte’s passion for art and knowledge changed the face of modern culture: from the birth of schools, libraries and public museums (including Brera and the Louvre) to the foundation of Egyptology thanks to the Egyptian campaign, from extraordinary archaeological discoveries to the spoliation of works of art, and the paintings and sculptures dedicated to him. The starting point of this journey will be Milan, the city chosen by Napoleon as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy. Thus, for the first time since then, we will hear original music composed especially for the ceremony and only recently rediscovered in the archives of the Milan Conservatory. For the occasion there will be an opportunity to follow the restoration of the mantle worn that day by Napoleon and the ceremonial objects that accompanied him, a valuable recovery work linked to Intesa Sanpaolo’s Restituzioni project. Proposed two hundred years after Napoleon’s death, NAPOLEON. IN THE NAME OF ART is a documentary that counts the exceptional leadership of Jeremy Irons, produced by 3D Produzioni and Nexo Digital with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo and Gallerie d’Italia. The subject is by Didi Gnocchi, who signs the screenplay with Matteo Moneta. The direction is by Giovanni Piscaglia, the original soundtrack by Remo Anzovino.

Finally, it will be the turn of Pompeii, a unique place in the world. It is from this awareness that POMPEI. EROS E MITO, produced by Sky, Ballandi and Nexo Digital, in collaboration with and with the scientific contribution of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and with the participation of the MANN, National Archaeological Museum of Naples, which offers a journey back in time two thousand years. It will arrive in movie theaters only on Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1. The docu-film lays bare the myths and characters that helped make Pompeii immortal. From the love story between Bacchus and Ariadne to the ambiguous relationship between Leda and the Swan, from the bloodlust satisfied by gladiatorial fights to Poppaea Sabina’s desperate quest for immortality, POMPEI. EROS AND MYTH examines the myths, legends and most secret aspects of the city. Leading us through the streets of the city is an exceptional narrator: Isabella Rossellini directed by Pappi Corsicato. Rossellini’s presence and voice and Remo Anzovino’s original soundtrack will accompany us along a path that will show how myths and found works have captivated and influenced the likes of Pablo Picasso and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Great Art at the Movies is an original and exclusive project of Nexo Digital.

Exclusively distributed in Italy by Nexo Digital with media partners Radio Capital, Sky Arte, and in collaboration with Abbonamento Musei.

Great Art returns to Cinema with docu-films on Venice, Napoleon and Pompeii
Great Art returns to Cinema with docu-films on Venice, Napoleon and Pompeii

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