Last episode of Ulysses: Alberto Angela exploring planet Earth with special guest

Tonight's final season episode of Ulysses: Alberto Angela will explore planet Earth to reflect on its changes.

Ulysses - The Pleasure of Discovery, a program hosted by Alberto Angela, concludes tonight in prime time on Rai1 at 9:25 pm.

The last episode of this season will be a special one, dedicated to the discovery of planet Earth and will have a special guest: Piero Angela, Alberto’s father and famous host of the successful program Superquark.

What is the state of health of Earth, this planet so small, so fragile and vulnerable? What are the damages we have created to the environment with our behaviors? How many natural resources do we consume in our daily lives? Is there still time to fix it? How? These are some questions that the well-known presenter and popularizer will try to answer.

The world has changed: from the North Pole to Antarctica, from the expanses of the ocean to the snows of the great mountains, from dense forests to the boundless prairies, many things are not as they used to be. To tell the story, Alberto Angela will start from a place where the Earth is constantly changing, in an unceasing process of destruction and rebirth: from the moonscape of Mount Etna, still in the process of eruption. But if on the volcano the changes are due to natural causes, elsewhere it is man, with his behaviors, with the reckless use of resources, who modifies the environment to the detriment of humanity.

From a virtual terrace one will get a glimpse of the oceans, whose temperature is rising at an alarming rate, see glaciers melting threatening to submerge many cities, discover the vital function of rainforests increasingly besieged by man. And one will understand why once inhabited territories are now abandoned, why entire civilizations have disappeared. These are changes that Ulysses has witnessed and documented in many journeys over the course of twenty years of the program. It will be like flipping through an album of memories, all in the company of Piero Angela, the evening’s special guest.

The journey will end in Rocchettine, a small deserted village in Lazio, to reflect on how nature is ready to take back the spaces abandoned by man. Alternative energies, smart consumption can help reverse course and continue to enjoy spectacles such as the beautiful Alcantara gorges in Sicily.

Last episode of Ulysses: Alberto Angela exploring planet Earth with special guest
Last episode of Ulysses: Alberto Angela exploring planet Earth with special guest

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