Carrara increasingly a city of street art: a new work by Tellas decorates council house

Carrara is enriched with a new work of street art: an intervention by Tellas decorates an entire wall of a council house.

Street artist Tellas (Fabio Schirru; Cagliari, 1985), one of the most appreciated urban artists active in Italy (he was also listed among the 25 most interesting street artists in the world by the Huffington Post in 2014), has executed a new work in Carrara: it is a 160-square-meter mural decorating an entire wall of a public housing. The goal of this work was to reduce the visual impact in the area of Via Bertoloni in Avenza (a hamlet of Carrara near the Marina) designated for public housing.

Tellas, represented by Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome and Magma Gallery in Bologna, stayed in Carrara for a week to complete the work, the realization of which was co-sponsored by the Municipality of Carrara and Erp. His intervention consists of a series of elements that recall the vegetation surrounding the building on Via Bertoloni. Carrara, then, becomes a city increasingly devoted to street art: the works by Orticanoodles (one of which is currently being created at the Stadio dei Marmi), the murals on Via San Piero (where there is also a work by Ozmo), Kobra ’s intervention at the quarries, and now Tellas’s large wall all combine to compose one of the most interesting and active urban art landscapes in the region.

“The mural on Bertoloni Street,” Tellas says, "is part of a new series I am working on called Mimesis. Among the components of my work is research and study of the surrounding landscape and the surface I am going to work on. In this series, which began in Ragusa in the Bitume project, I am trying to make this research even more detailed, going to include in a more minute way the colors of the green area that surrounds the wall." According to Tellas, the strength of public art “lies in the fact that being public, it becomes an accessible part for everyone. But also a possible new space for reflection, as well as an integral part of the landscape.”

Satisfaction was expressed by Carrara Municipality’s culture alderman Federica Forti. “Tellas’ artistic interventions can be found all over the world, and we are happy to announce that we have one in Carrara as well. The path of street art, already dotted with big names and beautiful projects at the quarries and in the historic center, adds an important piece with Tellas.”

Pictured is Tellas’ mural on Bertoloni Street in Carrara. Ph. Credit Milene Mucci

Carrara increasingly a city of street art: a new work by Tellas decorates council house
Carrara increasingly a city of street art: a new work by Tellas decorates council house

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