A convention in Naples on digitizing exhibition spaces. Follow the live streaming

What does a digitized exhibition space look like? A convention in Naples on the topic. Find out how to follow the live streaming of the event.

OnThursday, June 22, 2023 at 3 p.m., the closing convention of the Museum Smart View project will be held at the Church of Santa Maria del Rimedio at the Molo Grande in Naples, born out of the need to strategically rethink our country’s museum system and artistic and cultural heritage.

Museum Smart View is anassociation of highly specializedcompanies working in a synergistic and complementary way, bringing their different skills to bear in the development of creative projects for the digitization of exhibition spaces in Campania. The Museum Smart View project offers a complete and ready-to-use package for the digital transformation of a museum, art gallery or any other exhibition space.

New technologies, thanks to theintegration of real and digital, give the public the opportunity to live a unique experience, which makes use of apps that offer multidimensional experiments (augmented reality), immersive virtual tours (virtual reality) and playful opportunities(gamification). Their use by museum visitors stimulates interactivity and spontaneous sharing of the lived experience on social networks. In addition, a digitized exhibition space can be visited not only in presence, but also at a distance, through websites, dedicated apps and VR360° devices that can engage users with environmental reconstructions, real or fantastic, special content and exciting storytelling.

During the convention, the results of the educational experimentation, carried out at the Duca di Martina National Museum of Ceramics in Villa Floridiana, together with the IIS Don Geremia Piscopo school, will be presented, and discussion and debate among sector stakeholders on the prospects of the museum scenario in Campania and Italy will be animated and stimulated.

Speakers will be Marta Ragozzino, Campania regional museum director; Ilenia Gradante, Duca di Martina Ceramics Museum director in Villa Floridiana. Introduction: cultural heritage in Campania; Francesca Romano Albino, editorial director - Axioma srl. Museum Smart View: mission and perspectives; Andrea Vecchione, digital strategist - Viralbeat srl. What types of users talk about museums and cultural heritage on the web? Netnographic analysis; Donato Nullo, project manager - Enginfo Consulting srl. The IOT and synergies with the museum world; Claudio Piccolotto, art director - Majorbit Consulting srl. New tecnlogies at the service of cultural heritage: the educational experimentation of MSV; Vincenzo Borriello, strategic project manager - Nettuno Solutions srl. The data warehousing of museum heritage.

It is possible to follow the live streaming of the event on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@museumsmartview, and for those in the room there will be the opportunity to live firsthand the interactive experience developed during the research course, with virtual reality viewers.

For info: https://www.museumsmartview.com/

A convention in Naples on digitizing exhibition spaces. Follow the live streaming
A convention in Naples on digitizing exhibition spaces. Follow the live streaming

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