Colosseum Park celebrates Cat Day with a contest: here are the young winners

The Colosseum Archaeological Park celebrates Cat Day with a contest aimed at young people: devise a work of art with the subject of cats, portrayed with one or more monuments of the PArCo. Here are the winners.

On the occasion of the"Day of the Cat," the Colosseum Archaeological Park announces the winners of the first edition of the figurative arts competition The Park’s Cats? Here We Are, an initiative that involved young people from all over Italy who came up with a work of art that had cats as its subject, portrayed with one or more of the PArCo’s monuments.

“We wanted to involve our young users in a very special contest that, together with the splendid historical and artistic heritage of PArCo, would highlight the special tenants we have been taking care of with dedication for several years now. The project aims to promote in the youngest a special sensitivity and civic sense that can then turn into awareness about the importance of harmonious coexistence with nature and animals for the improvement of collective life,” said Alfonsina Russo, director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park.

Among the many entries received, the winners were: for the 4-10 year-old category Greta Monici, age 8, from Gallarate, with the work entitled The Incredible Adventures of Kivi the Cat in Rome; for the 11-15 year-old group Mattia Edoardo Pace, age 14, from Rome, with the drawing entitled Micius Publicius. Second place for the youngest category was qualified by pupils of class IVa of the Marcellina plexus, Istituto Comprensivo “Paolo Borsellino” in Santa Maria del Cedro, led by teachers Francesca Silvestri, Maria Maratia, Sara Arieta and Patrizia Calafiori with the drawing titled We are also a work of art; for the 11-15 age group, 12-year-old Elisa Minasi from Rome, with the digital art drawing Cats visiting.

The winners will be hosted for a special guided tour of the archaeological area and receive free gadgets from the Colosseum Archaeological Park.

The contest is organized by the PArCo’s Educational Education and Training Service and is part of the PArCo Green project, which aims to promote a way of living in harmony with nature and thus reducing environmental impact along with preserving the ecosystem and biodiversity of the archaeological area. The PArCo promotes the care of both resident and migrating flora and fauna within its perimeter. The PArCo’s Feline Colony is a recognized reality, surveyed and registered by the ASL, the cats reside within the area and are cared for by staff who provide them with food and water and check their state of health, in agreement with a veterinary doctor.

Cat Day celebrations continue at the Colosseum Archaeological Park with two lectures hosted in Curia Iulia and dedicated to the relationship between humans and felines, from antiquity to modern times. Starting at 4:30 p.m., director Alfonsina Russo will introduce the talks by Claudio Salone, an archaeologist, who will explore the role of the cat in Greek and Roman times, and Concetta Masseria, former professor of classical archaeology and history of architecture at the University of Perugia, who will talk about the figure of the feline as an “unsuspected witness to an extraordinary event.”

More information can be found on the PArCo website: PArCo Green - Colosseum Archaeological Park

Pictured is the work of Mattia Edoardo Pace, Micius Publicius

Colosseum Park celebrates Cat Day with a contest: here are the young winners
Colosseum Park celebrates Cat Day with a contest: here are the young winners

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