Every Friday, the Herculaneum Archaeological Park can be visited at night

Last night, Friday, July 19, The Fridays of Herculaneum, the nighttime tours of guided tours and performances of the Campania by night program, kicked off.

The tours, organized by SCABEC Campania Region in collaboration with the MIBAC, the Herculaneum Archaeological Park and the Municipality of Herculaneum, offer accompanied tours of the site, enriched with light projections and videomapping re-propositions of the frescoes and statues currently housed at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples from the Bourbon excavations. Evocative Tableaux Vivants, curated by Theaters 35, will enhance this journey among the enchantments of the ancient city.

Satisfied director Francesco Sirano: “The virtual supports the real to bring the results of archaeological research closer to the general public and improve fruition; it is, in fact, an artistic realization in which the tableaux vivants will start by evoking the sculptures of the Villa of the Papyri and then represent some works now at the MANN or scenes of daily life. The images will make plastically comprehensible the combination of the various genres of figurative expression that characterized Roman art, which drew both from a heritage of the highest level, inspired by the Greek art of the fifth and fourth centuries B.C, as well as from what used to be called plebeian, or popular, art, now called ’non-elitist’ art, and from an imagery that was apparently more spontaneous but equally studied and endowed with great power of communication. The projections will bring back to Herculaneum frescoes preserved at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples that will be visible, as far as possible, in the exact places where they came from. Thanks to the evening circuit Herculaneum expands the offer to make the visit more and more a concrete and pleasant experience of knowledge for both tourists and residents through new keys to interpret the archaeological area.”

Eleven evening openings are planned, starting July 19 through Sept. 20, and on Sept. 21 on the occasion of European Heritage Days, with groups of a maximum of 40 people each, and departures every 10 minutes, from 8 p.m. to midnight, for a one-hour tour. The last entrance is at 11 p.m.

“With Herculaneum we open the evening season at one of our most interesting sites,” says Scabec vice president Teresa Armato, “and with which we have already experimented with other enhancement initiatives, such as the Herculaneum Vesuvius Card, also thanks to the collaboration with other cultural attractions in the area and thanks to the synergy with local administrations, starting with the City of Herculaneum.”

“Thanks to this initiative,” concludes the Mayor of Herculaneum Buonajuto, “visitors will have the opportunity to experience the Ancient City in a unique atmosphere that will make the journey through streets and dwellings dating back two thousand years even more evocative. We are confident that these evening openings will be a further positive boost for the area’s accommodation activities and an exceptional proposal for tourists who increasingly choose Herculaneum as a base for their stay in the province of Naples.”

For all information you can visit the official Campania by Night website.

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Every Friday, the Herculaneum Archaeological Park can be visited at night
Every Friday, the Herculaneum Archaeological Park can be visited at night

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