From Aug. 19 to Sept. 3, the 61st edition of Cortonantiquaria

From Aug. 19 to Sept. 3, the 61st edition of Cortonantiquaria takes place: at the Sant'Agostino Convention Center comes the antiques fair that integrates history, document, art and creativity, with works from Italy and around the world.

From Aug. 19 to Sept. 3, the 61st edition of Cortonantiquaria will be held: thus, at the Sant’Agostino Convention Center comes the event that integrates history, document, art and creativity, with works from Italy and around the world, testifying to the multiplicity of tastes, schools, fashions and creative paths. Promoted by the Municipality of Cortona and Cortona Sviluppo, the event, which has been directed for many years by Furio Velona, offers visitors an itinerary that winds its way through furnishings, works of art, and everyday objects.

More than 20 exhibitors for the 2023 edition. Among the works on display are a painting from the school of Giacinto Brandi depicting the Sermon of St. John; a small 18th-century polychrome terracotta sculpture from the Neapolitan school depicting a Madonna and Child; a Florentine chest of drawers from the Grand Ducal workshops in walnut briar inlaid in the Dutch manner. A lacquered choir lectern evokes the atmosphere of 17th-century Spain, while from 17th-century Messina comes a sculpture with a child riding a triton. The journey continues to the Caucasus with an ancient carpet with a tree motif.

Then there is a collateral all about the 19th century with the exhibition dedicated to the Macchiaioli Livorno. The Legacy of Macchiaioli Painting from Ulvi Liegi to Oscar Ghiglia, curated by Simona Bartolena, with organization, staging and exhibition itinerary conception by Armando Fettolini / Ponte43, in collaboration with Leogalleries, Monza. The exhibition focuses on a particular moment in the history of nineteenth-century Italian art: the later evolutionary phase of macchia painting, when, in the last decades of the century, the legacy of the old macchiaioli was transformed and found a new identity in the research of some young painters, who grew up in the veneration of the masters but intended to radically modify their instances and modes. In this period the city of Livorno took a leading role in the Tuscan cultural scene. On display are works by Guglielmo Micheli, Ulvi Liegi, LLelwelyn Lloyd, Giovanni Bartolena, Mario Puccini, Plinio Nomellini, Gino Romiti, Renato Natali, and Oscar Ghiglia.

As every year, a program of collateral initiatives complements the event, including the Cortonantiquaria Prize, awarded to a personality with ties to the city who is particularly noteworthy. “Also in this edition,” says the mayor of Cortona, Luciano Meoni, “Cortonantiquaria proposes an offer of great prestige, thanks to a selection of quality exhibitors and a collateral exhibition that will be able to create further interest. Thanks to the level of the cultural proposal, as happened last year on the occasion of the 60th anniversary, the National Art and Antiques Exhibition finds new life and contributes to the economic growth of the territory.”

Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Cortona, Francesco Attesti, emphasizes“ the central role of the city that steeped in history and wonder, creativity and cultural exchange, every year offers the best of the ancient art of making in its various artistic declinations, to preserve the beautiful and hand it down, to care for it.”

Comments Furio Velona, artistic director of Cortonantiquaria: “This year’s exhibition wants to be a journey, from Spain to the Caucasus, in the year when reopenings lead people to still want to leave and discover places and cities. We will take a journey between eras, as well as between geographical areas. Artifacts, sculptures, carpets, paintings, everything will testify to this new opening that looks to the future through knowledge and appreciation for the past and its arts.”

Fabio Procacci, director of Cortona Sviluppo, invites “a broad look at modernity: Cortonantiquaria marries the modern with a collateral dedicated to the Macchiaioli, not only to make explicit how contemporary everything is to us, as we admire the past and the present together, but also to maintain a thread, a continuum between times and eras.”

The exhibition is supported by the Chamber of Commerce, Banca Popolare di Cortona, Bonifiche Ferraresi, Studio Iureconsulti, with the collaboration of Furio Velona Antiquities.

Hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday 10 a.m.-1 p.m., 3:30-8 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday 3:30-8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Full admission 8 euros, reduced 5 euros. With the Cortonantiquaria ticket you are entitled to access the Signorelli 500 exhibition at MAEC at reduced admission and vice versa.

Reduced-price admission is also reconfirmed for travelers and tourists arriving in Cortona with Trenitalia, the initiative’s technical partner, both by regional, Intercity and Frecciarossa trains.

From Aug. 19 to Sept. 3, the 61st edition of Cortonantiquaria
From Aug. 19 to Sept. 3, the 61st edition of Cortonantiquaria

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