Large colorful plastic animals will inhabit Catanzaro's historic center for 4 months

Catanzaro's historic center will be inhabited for four months by thirty-six large, colorful plastic animals. Cracking Art has arrived.

Until January 30, 2021, the historic center of Catanzaro will be inhabited by thirty-six large and colorful animals: on the occasion of the second edition of Art and the City, Cracking Art has also arrived in the Calabrian province. Protagonists will be birds, snails, rabbits and brightly colored plastic elephants, especially red and yellow.

The city’s main avenue will be transformed into an open-air gallery with the works created by the art movement born in 1993; the exhibition was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the City of Catanzaro and the contribution of Milan’s FabbricaEos gallery.

“The reactions to the works are exactly what we expect when we take our works around the world,” said Kicco, one of the artists. “Art belongs to everyone and taking it to the middle of the city finds substance in this very concept. The works all have meanings and carry with them messages: renewal, freedom, sacrifice. They are made to be experienced, to become part of the city and its inhabitants.”

Francesco Chirillo, president of PromoCatanzaro, among the creators of the initiative, said, " Cracking Art has been talked about all over the world for decades now, and in Calabria we are not the first to propose it. I believe that this type of artistic expression, with its colors and shapes, also carries with it a message of joy and hope that in the historical and social moment we are living can be particularly effective and useful. Art, in history, has marked important social changes precisely because it has often been able to interpret and anticipate human evolution and support it: with Art and the City we want to give Catanzaro, and the people of Calabria, a way to know and question the present and the future through cultural confrontation. To do this, we have chosen to bring art outdoors and make it accessible to everyone."

“I am happy to present this exhibition that we had already thought of six years ago,” added Rocco Guglielmo, president of the Rocco Guglielmo Foundation, which curated and organized the exhibition. "And I am very pleased to have been able to realize it despite the very tight schedule due to the health emergency. Initiatives like this serve to increase the civic value of a society. In Cracking Art, the material used is also interesting: plastic that is transformed from an environmentally destructive element to a decorative one, becoming a source of inspiration for all of us. I can say that, judging by the first reactions of citizens, the event is already a great success and fulfills my dream of seeing artworks become part of the everyday life of Catanzaro."

Large colorful plastic animals will inhabit Catanzaro's historic center for 4 months
Large colorful plastic animals will inhabit Catanzaro's historic center for 4 months

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