Marble Day is coming up in Gemonio (Varese), an event dedicated to the noble material

On May 13, 2018, 'Marble Day,' an event dedicated to the noble sculptural material, will take place at the 'Floriano Bodini' Civic Museum in Gemonio (Varese, Italy).

"The Day of Marble" will take place on May 13, 2018, presented by the Floriano Bodini Civic Museum in Gemonio. “The Day of Marble” is the third event in the JEMA program of the 2018 European Artistic Crafts Days, following the one dedicated to bronze casting and the one on art printing and engraving.

Thanks to the presence of theAcademy of Fine Arts of Carrara with director Luciano Massari, professors Sergio Cervietti and Piero Marchetti and students Sofia Cassino, Sara Grandi and Chantal Stropeni, Gino Giacomelli and Arthà with Alessandra Ticozzi and Abele Vadacca, various demonstrations of artistic marble working will be held in the courtyard of the Museum.

On the same day, there will be a panel discussion (open to testimonies from quarrymen and marble workers, experts, artists, teachers and scholars) and a mosaic workshop curated by Sonia Bianco and Bruno Depedri; all accompanied by manual marble work stations, storytelling on the theme by Marta Comerio and documentary screenings.
An exhibition tracing the creation of the Monument to the Fallen at Work created by Floriano Bodini in Carrara will open to the public during the day, through sculptural sketches, studies, photographic material and traditional work tools, alongside the work Paola in pink marble from Portugal, never before exhibited at the Bodini Museum.

Works by Carlo Dell’Amico from the Basically black cycle will be exhibited in the same context.The day, presented by museum director Lara Treppiede and curated by Sara Bodini, is organized with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo, Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Arthà, JRC Cultural Committee of Ispra, Liceo Artistico Frattini of Varese, BIG Ciaccio Arte, Galleria Montrasio of Milan, and with the collaboration of Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, the Municipality of Carrara, andANMIL of Massa Carrara.

Class 3B of the Liceo Artistico “A.Frattini” in Varese, for the school-to-work alternation project, will lead the day. Starting with the sculpture workshop with Jago (hosted at the museum last Nov. 25), the museum’s educational programming continues with the mosaic workshop. Three more workshops, for children and adults, also inspired by marble, will be offered in the coming months.

Program of the day:
- 2 p.m. Mosaic workshop (€10, registration required, max 20 participants), reading of fairy tales and stories, work stations, documentaries;
- 4 p.m. Aperitif buffet and continuation of artistic marble working demonstrations;
- 5:30 p.m. Round table “Marble: from quarries to the work of art” and presentation of exhibitions (In case of bad weather, the Day will be postponed to a new date in May to be determined).
Free admission.
For info and workshop reservations you can call 3492267457, email and visit or

Marble Day is coming up in Gemonio (Varese), an event dedicated to the noble material
Marble Day is coming up in Gemonio (Varese), an event dedicated to the noble material

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