Milan, 20 gallery exhibitions opening during Design Week

Galleries opening exhibitions during Design Week in Milan: here are 20 events to mark in your diary.

Are art galleries being overwhelmed by Milan Design Week? Judging by the numbers, it wouldn’t seem so: several galleries will be open, or will be organizing finissages of their already open exhibitions right during Design Week, but there are also plenty of galleries, of all kinds, that will be opening several exhibitions right from April 17-23, in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile. So here are twenty events to mark on your calendar for contemporary art lovers who won’t want to miss a gallery opening during Design Week. We have selected both exhibitions opening in galleries and events at unusual venues (or “locations”), but promoted or produced by galleries.

1. Chiara Lecca at Fumagalli’s

Where: Fumagalli Gallery, Via Bonaventura Cavalieri 6

When: April 18 to 28, 2023, performance on the 18th from 7 to 9 p.m.

Fresh from Miart, Galleria Fumagalli hosts an event with a multidisciplinary character of environmental and productive culture in which Chiara Lecca presents the Clarulecis Collective and its investigation of the varied relationship between lumano and its habitat. The Animals & Trees project includes: the temporary shop of the Clarulecis Collective in which all the experiments on fabric and clothing with the techniques of frottage and dellecoprint converge, such as the Primitive T-shirts and pièces unique made in the en plein air studio in the Apennines. These green art practices are the result of a transposition from the plant world to the animal world and vice versa. The dance performance Habitat is a collaboration between the Collective, dancer and choreographer Alimah Grasso and contemporary band Horselover.fat. The workshop aims to experiment with the technique of frottage on fabric starting from the matrices collected in nature and used by the Collective. During the workshop it is possible to make your own Primitive T-shirt, thanks to the use of a KIT FOR PRINT, conceived and designed by the Collective in order to share with the public the experience of direct printing in nature.

Chiara Lecca from Fumagalli
Chiara Lecca from Fumagalli

2. Bosco Sodi at Cardi Gallery

Where: Cardi Gallery, Corso di Porta Nuova 38

When: April 21 to May 2023

Among the biggies is Cardi Gallery, which opens the exhibition Mi ricordo, yes, I remember by Bosco Sodi. The artist (b. 1970) is known for his minimalist sculptures and highly structured, vividly pigmented paintings. Working between New York and Mexico, Bosco Sodi demonstrates the dichotomy within these two different environments through an investigative admission of their conceptual and geographical climates. Process and elements of chance become central to Sodi’s practice. Much of the artist’s work is influenced and dictated by the traditional Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic philosophy that finds its synthesis in the structure of Casa Wabi, a nonprofit residence, studio and art center in Oaxaca, Mexico. Taking this philosophy as an essential reference, Sodi’s paintings take shape by embracing the accidental, the moment of non-control, while working in complete harmony with natural elements. The artist creates a unique texture by mixing sawdust with natural pigments and glue as a binder, applying it directly to the canvas with her bare hands.

Bosco Sodi at Cardi Gallery
Bosco Sodi at Cardi Gallery

3. The Harmony of Contrast at Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery

Where: Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery, Via Goito 7

When: April 17 to 23, party on April 20 and 21 at 7 p.m. (always by invitation)

Another gallery veteran of Miart is Mimmo Scognamiglio, which from April 17 to 23 is hosting Sans Souci, the leading lighting installation design company, which will unveil 15 new products, including its extraordinary collaboration with William Sawaya and Karim Rashid. In this exhibition you will be able to embrace the space between contrasting concepts: sustainability and production, technology and craftsmanship, contemporary and classic. The invitation is to immerse yourself in oxymorons and experience an exclusive preview of Sans Souci’s latest projects.

The Harmony of Contrast at Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery
The Harmony of Contrast at Mimmo Scognamiglio Gallery.

4. Gianluigi Colin in Statale with Galleria De Ambrogi

Where: Hall Aula Magna University of Milan

When: April 17 to 26, 2023

Gianluigi Colin interprets the Fuori Salone theme of Interni Re-Evolution with Time After Time, a powerful and symbolic installation produced by Galleria De Ambrogi that addresses a central issue of contemporary society: the communication system, collective memory and its dissolution. In the secular temple of knowledge, the space in front of the Aula Magna of the State University of Milan, almost evoking the festive decorations of liturgical services in cathedrals, Gianluigi Colin with the collaboration of Studio Deambrogi conceived the monumental site-specific installation, giving life to a series of drapes floating in space: canvases laden with sedimentations of colors, repeated streaks, dilated backgrounds, almost as if it were the meditated dragging of pictorial matter. But these paint-laden canvases are nothing more than fabrics taken from the cleaning of newspaper and book presses, and thus laden with the memory of endless narratives, news, words and images. In these materials, true object trouve?, Gianluigi Colin has found the symbolic removal of inexhaustible stories, a metaphor for the forgetfulness that envelops our present.

Gianluigi Colin in State with De Ambrogi Gallery
Gianluigi Colin in Statale with Galleria De Ambrogi

5. The new project Plissé at CarloCinque Gallery

Where: CarloCinque Gallery, Via Dell’Annunciata 31

When: April 17-23, 2023, cocktail and meeting with designers Tuesday, April 18, 6:30 p.m.

On the occasion of Milano Design Week, in the new CarloCinque Gallery location at Via dell’Annunciata 31 in Brera, CarloCinque Gallery and Baldessari and Baldessari present to the public the new bench, coffee table Plissè design Baldessari and Baldessari. Plissè a marble piece of furniture, elegant, refined, with a strong formal personality. A precise, slender sign, a kind of long, low “dart”, with functions of bench and coffee table. An industrial product, capable of returning an artifact behind which hides and manifests great craftsmanship, with a taste for the beautiful and well-made, the true Made in Italy value chain.

The new Plissé project at CarloCinque Gallery
The new Plissé project from CarloCinque Gallery

6. Gianni Lucchesi in Statale and from Still Gallery

Where: Cortile d’Onore University of Milan and Still Gallery, Via Zamenhof 11

When: April 17 to 26

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, Gianni Lucchesi is exhibiting OPERAE, in the Cortile dOnore of the University of Milan. Linstallazione, 13 meters high, consists of 12 concrete cubes that give life to a tower, at the top of which is placed the life-size sculpture of a man sitting with his gaze towards the horizon. The sculpture, designed especially for FuoriSalone 2023, was created with the relationship between man and “building” in mind. OPERAE is strongly characterized by geometric and mathematical elements. Fibonacci’s golden sequence marks the rotation of the cubes that support luomo in a contemplative attitude. In fact, the cubes undergo a slight rotation in the vicinity of the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, the sum of which is 12, as many as the height of the tower is also. In addition, for the occasion, STILL Gallery in Milan, in collaboration with Sandra Bozzarelli, presents the exhibition of sculptural and pictorial works by Gianni Lucchesi. You can visit the exhibition at the gallery’s headquarters, 11 Zamenhof Street, every day from April 18 to April 22 from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Operae by Gianni Lucchesi. Photo: Giampaolo Antoni
Operae by Gianni Lucchesi. Photo: Giampaolo Antoni

7. Massimo Listri’s photographs from Caiati Old Masters.

Where: April 18 to 23, cocktail April 19 at 6 p.m.


Caiati Old Masters gallery presents for Design Week 2023 a monographic photography exhibition on Massimo Listri. The connection between Massimo Listri, larchitecture and design runs deep, so we are thrilled to host a solo exhibition of his work at the Salone del Mobile. It should come as no surprise that it is precisely a gallery specializing in Old Masters that will tell the story of Massimo’s work; in fact, his taste for the antique is evident in his every small gesture, says Roberto Caiati. The exhibition, consisting of seven photographs, aims to tell the story of the photographer’s passion for the architecture of the past, through shots that give us an exclusive glimpse of important Italian and foreign historic buildings.

Massimo Listri's photographs from Caiati Old Masters
Massimo Listri’s photographs from Caiati Old Masters

8. Jens Kothe’s exhibition at Cassina Projects

Where: Cassina Projects, Via Mecenate 76/45

When: April 21 to June 1, 2023

Cassina Projects presents Outer Skin. Inner Gaze, the first solo exhibition in the gallery and in Italy by German artist Jens Kothe (Bochum, 1985). Conceived as a setting that explores hybrid concepts of vulnerability and security through notions of posture and corporeality, the exhibition brings together a series of new works produced specifically for the occasion. Curated by Giovanna Manzotti, the project revolves around the dialogue between a body of wall sculptures and an installation consisting of three fences, a curved countertop and a series of ceramic casts of feet and hands: a sculptural reinterpretation on some of the signs of safety, such as like the outward-facing palm and other fingers curled around the thumb. Acting in the gallery as modular elements of various scales, the works in the exhibition unfold on the basis of a rhythmic and coherent composition, reinforcing the idea of separation, barrier and the inside/outside feeling, and influencing the way we relate to the entire exhibition space and the objects in it. In Outer Skin. Inner Gaze, the movement of the body and the eye of the viewer are guided through a journey that plays with notions of distance, limits and physical proximity, as well as accessibility and concealment all part of Kothe’s interests. This choreography pervades many of the sculptures on display and underlies a tactile and affective structure that emerges with a palpable tension in the interplay of search and complementarity between ’vulnerable’ and ’safer’ parts. The title of the exhibition seems to adhere perfectly to this horizon, evoking an intimate interstice, an encounter, a scenario as protected and safe as it is controlled, a ’surveillance zone.

Jens Kothe from Cassina Projects
Jens Kothe from Cassina Projects

9. Andrea Cascella from Brun Fine Art

Where: Brun Fine Art, Via del Gesù 17

When: April 6 to May 8, 2023

Opened as early as April 6 but part of the official Fuori Salone calendar, the exhibition, curated by Paolo Bonacina and Francesca Pola in collaboration with the Archivio Andrea Cascella, presents the monographic exhibition of sculptor Andrea Cascella created in collaboration with the Archivio Cascella. Works covering the time span from 1962 to 1990, the year of his death, in marble and different stones will be exhibited side by side with works on paper, plaster and polystyrene, useful to recreate the working atmosphere of his studio and to understand the intrinsic relationship between idea and practice of sculpture characteristic of the artist. Starting with sketches on paper in pen on the small formats or with chalks and pastels on the larger formats, the artist moves on to the creation of models first in polystyrene and then in plaster, from which germinate works in precious materials, such as rock crystal, Labrador granite or pink marble from Portugal. The first room will host precisely these works, in which the sculpted parts combine in deliberately suspended balances, where the perfection of the materials is enlivened in the dynamism of the forms, and the volumes struck by lights stand as guardians of a lost time. Also on display for the first time will be a large project in polystyrene, a material the artist used to use as a model for large public commissions, such as those for the Linate Monument or the Fountain for Lampedusa, a work that will greet viewers from the window in Via del Gesù. The second room of the gallery will feature a room evoking the artist’s studio with plans, sketches, plaster casts and polystyrene, along with small-scale stone works. All these works, which come from the artist’s private collection, will be presented to the public for the first time. For the occasion, a catalog will be published with critical essays by Francesca Pola and Marco Sammicheli and with shots of the works and the artist’s studio taken by Luca Stoppini.

Andrea Cascella from Brun Fine Art
Andrea Cascella from Brun Fine Art

10. Unpublished drawings and matrices by Mario Sironi at Il Bulino Gallery

Where: Il Bulino Antiche Stampe, Corso Magenta 50

When: April 18 to May 6, 2023, opening April 18 at 6 p.m.

Il Bulino Antiche Stampe presents Mario Sironi unpublished. Drawings and Matrices, an exhibition organized in collaboration with the Association for the Patronage and Promotion of the Figure and Work of Mario Sironi, which is responsible for collecting, cataloging and archiving all documentation related to his work and person. The association promotes the artist with initiatives such as exhibitions and catalogs. Completing the exhibition is the catalog dedicated to this specific nucleus edited by Matteo Crespi, with an introductory essay by art historian Elena Pontiggia. The volume will be available in the Gallery from the day of the opening and will collect all the works in the exhibition. The proposal stems from the recent rediscovery and acquisition of a collection of unpublished drawings by Mario Sironi (Sassari, 1885 Milan, 1961). All the drawings come from a unique collection that belonged to Piero Grigis, one of the doctors who treated the artist. The works have been studied and archived by the Association for the Patronage and Promotion of the Figure and Work of Mario Sironi, which has emphasized their value as much for their subjects as for their dating. Also on display for the first time will be eight drypoint etched zinc plates, two of which are previously unpublished. These plates have been the exclusive and documented private property of Sironi for more than half a century and represent the tangible sign of the meeting, the friendship, the special artistic fellowship and interests between Sironi and an admirer of his (himself an amateur painter) official of the Milan Triennale. Drypoint etching interested Sironi for a short span of his artistic life, which can be placed in a period between the very first years of the last century and the early 1920s. The print run of these drypoints was very few, as evidenced by the interventions of Vitali (1931 and 1934), Traversi (1968) and Bartolini (1976). One of the eight plates on display depicts a Head of an Old Man and dates to a year between 1905 and 1907; in all likelihood it is the first engraving made by Sironi, stimulated to the practice of this technique by his friend Boccioni, who was also the author of puntesecche.

Unpublished drawings and matrices by Mario Sironi at Il Bulino Gallery
Unpublished drawings and matrices by Mario Sironi at Il Bulino Gallery.

11. Ludmilla Radchenko’s exhibition at Robertaebasta’s.

Where: Robertaebasta Gallery, Via Solferino 3

When: April 17 to 23, party and cocktail reception on April 19 at 6:30 p.m.

Ludmilla Radchenko’s works on display during Milan Design Week: art and fashion come together inside Robertaebasta Gallery in the heart of Brera. Fifty works from the Siberian artist’s decade-long experience between 2012 and 2023 will be on display, creating a dialogue with the renowned showroom’s historic modernist pieces, which for the 12th year in a row will host Radchenko’s art and her artistic research and the many projects that have allowed her to establish herself as a pop artist. The exhibition will also see the launch of the special artistic keychain with the official catalog digitally inserted thanks to a cutting-edge cip. Finally, for the duration of Design Week, the Robertaebasta space will introduce the Brera public not only to Ludmilla’s works, but also to the Multipli d’Arte luminosi, limited edition, as a new proposal for multipli darte in collaboration don Quadrus Light, a leading light box company, known in the field of ART ON LED.

Ludmilla Radchenko's exhibition by Robertaebasta
Ludmilla Radchenko’s exhibition at Robertaebasta

12. Sonja Quarone at Fabbrica Eos Gallery

Where: Fabbrica Eos Gallery, Pasubio Avenue (corner of Bonnet Street)

When: April 20 to May 2023, opening April 20 at 6:30 p.m.

Fabbrica Eos Gallery in Milan (Viale Pasubio, corner of Via Bonnet) presents, from April 20 to May 2023, the solo exhibition of Sonja Quarone, an artist who has been investigating transformation for years, alluding to the unstable nature of all things and their inherent adaptability to change. Through resin, her material of choice, Quarone creates sculptures and installations characterized by a kind of motor tension, as if they were made of living, vibrant matter. From the fascination with a classical iconography to the reinterpretation in a pop key, through a path that photographs, in a broad sense, the process of change that is proper to all vital forms. Curated by Ivan Quaroni, the exhibition, titled Catalysis, will open on Thursday, April 20, starting at 6:30 p.m., in the presence of the artist. The exhibition includes some 15 new works of recent production. “Of resin,” Ivan Quaroni explains, “Sonja Quarone knows every aspect, every nuance, every application, from the common uses in architecture and furniture to the more personal and experimental uses in art. On this knowledge, on this ”téchne“ that is a form of expertise both manual and intellectual, is based all her recent artistic investigation, a research that involves not only the plastic and chromatic aspects of resin, but also the dynamic ones. Resin is a viscous material capable of hardening when hot or cold, and it is precisely in the transition phase from the fluid to the solid state that lies the secret of the artist’s work.”

Sonja Quarone from Fabbrica Eos Gallery
Sonja Quarone from Fabbrica Eos Gallery

13. Luca Gilli from Alessia Paladini Gallery

Where: Alessia Paladini Gallery, Via Pietro Maroncelli 11

When: April 18 to June 3, 2023, opening April 18 at 6 p.m.

On the occasion of Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2023, Alessia Paladini Gallery presents A-topos, photographs by Luca Gilli. A privative alpha, the same topos that is at the root of utopia. Without-place or perhaps more properly without-center, without fixity, nomadic. And it is precisely the taking away, the subtracting that is at the heart of Luca Gilli’s creative research. A photography that disorients, disorients, takes away points of reference because it is based on the predominance of non-color, white, which, however, encompasses all colors. On display, 20 works of different sizes that well tell the poetics of Luca Gilli. Spaces whose dimensions, boundaries, angles can hardly be identified; the dazzling white interrupted by bursts of bright colors, the lingering on small, seemingly negligible details, are the expression of a deep and complex lyrical vision, which dwells on the importance of emptiness and silence in contrast and in opposition to a redundant reality of images, objects, hyper-connected, in which the concepts of pause, reflection, deepening seem to increasingly lose importance. These are photographs of architecture in the process of becoming, of places in the process of receiving a new identity, and Luca Gilli’s interpretation amplifies this concept of rebirth, of multiple possibilities that can open up. Even in their absolute abstractness and rigor, they are intimate photographs, inducing the viewer to lose himself and then find himself, perhaps, in a condition of lucid serenity.

Luca Gilli by Alessia Paladini Gallery
Luca Gilli from Alessia Paladini Gallery

14. Živa Kraus from C|E Contemporary

Where: C|E Contemporary, Via Gerolamo Tiraboschi 2/76

When: April 20 to 22, 2023, opening April 20 at 6:30 p.m.

Belonging to the multimedia neo-avant-garde of the twentieth century and contemporary art, Živa Kraus is a painter, gallerist, historical curator, born in Zagreb, Croatian capital where she trained at the Academy of Fine Arts. A naturalized Italian citizen, since 1971 she has been active and resident in Venice, the city where she completed her studies in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts and where she became assistant to Studio Vedova. She is internationally known for founding Ikona Photo Gallery in 1979 and Ikona Venezia International School of Photography in 1989. In 1979 she was reviewed by Alberto Moravia, her admirer and fellow artist, who called her “Realist of the invisible, just as Courbet and Guttuso are realists of the visible.” In the exhibition curated by Christine Enrile and Viana Conti, Živa Kraus presents a body of works on paper, of abstract painting and drawing, with a sign-like, gestural, scriptural trend. Her pastels are as she herself defines them pages of dust and light, of that particular lagoon light in which her city of devotion is discernible, that Venice to which she never ceases to deliver the cultural legacy of her life in art.

Živa Kraus from C|E Contemporary
Živa Kraus

15. Eileen Gray at Antonio Colombo Gallery

Where: Antonio Colombo Gallery, Via Solferino 44

When: April 17-23, 2023,

ClassiCon presents the exhibition Eileen Gray - Non Conformist Artist at Galleria Antonio Colombo on Via Solferino in Brera. On display will be paintings and collages by the legendary designer from the period between the 1920s and the 1960s, as well as rugs inspired by these works. The exhibition is complemented by iconic furniture designed by Gray.

Eileen Gray at Antonio Colombo Gallery
Eileen Gray at Antonio Colombo Gallery

16. The exhibition on the inspirations that architecture has drawn from cinema at Soggettiva Gallery

Where: Soggettiva Gallery, Via Pasquale Sottocorno 5/a

When: April 18 to May 2023

Soggettiva Gallery presents the new group exhibition Perspectives: Artistic Movie Posters, a lunge into the world of architecture and design created on the occasion of the Fuorisalone of the Salone del Mobile 2023. The exhibition brings together more than forty new works that explore the many suggestions and inspirations that architecture and interior design have drawn from the world of cinema, delving into the many points of contact between the two forms of creativity. If Pascal Witaszek’s Home Sweet Home series reproduces the meticulously detailed floor plans of the most famous houses in horror films such as The Exorcist and Amityville, Max Dalton dissects the domestic environments of Parasite and If You Let Me Cancel You and restores to the public the frontal perspectives of the streets overlooked by the homes in Rosemary’s Baby, The Fifth Element and No Home Direction. From floor plans and sections of the homes that have been the setting for major movie cults to urban maps tracing the key locations in which the events of Fargo or Pulp Fiction unfold to the unmistakable skyline of King Kong, Perspectives: Artistic Movie Posters sheds new light on the spaces that the silver screen is able to produce or reproduce, revealing how the fascination of cinematic fiction is sometimes able to shape reality and vice versa.

Perspectives: Artistic Movie Posters
Perspectives: Artistic Movie Posters

17. Dibbern’s exhibition at Il Castello Gallery

Where: Il Castello Gallery, Via Brera, 16

When: April 17 to 23, 2023, party April 18 7 p.m. by invitation

Dibbern presents his first collection of lamps, Lumen, designed by Tobias Grau. Four porcelain bases combined with glass accessories and a patented dimmer system complete this table lamp without a switch or wires. Site-specific installation by Cameranesi Pompili. All in the historic Il Castello gallery.

Dibbern's exhibition at The Castle Gallery
Dibbern’s exhibition at Il Castello Gallery.

18. Group exhibition Art & Design at Ma-Ec Gallery

Where: Ma-Ec Gallery, Via Santa Maria Valle, 2

When: April 17 to 23, 2023, opening April 17 at 6 p.m.

On the occasion of Design Week 2023, Artemida Experience presents Arte & Design, an exhibition of contemporary art in which the works of 50 artists and designers will be on view, combining their art with works of furniture. From a figurative style, to abstract, through a contemporary style to a more pop style, all the works are designed with an eye toward a sustainable future. Artemida artists and designers on display: Alessandro Di Bono-ADB by ArteMonium, Anastasia Yanchuk-NATI, Andrea Carlini, Anna Maria Terracini, Aude Calemard, Bruno Petronzi, Chiara Jane, Cinzia Sarcina, Claudia Amadesi, Claudio Caporaso, ClauDio, Donato Nitti, Elena Brovelli, Elisabetta Borgognoni, Emanuela Romanelli, Erica Pecar, Eva Krajnovic, Eveline Theil, ExArnia, Fernando Gallucci, Franco Smith, Gabriele Bonavera, Giada Grasso, Giorgia Bistaffa, Giorgia Guaglianone, Giulia Baita, Giuseppe Castellano -GC light Italia, Giuseppina Toscano, Irene Pietrobono-IP by ArteMonium, Lenon B, Lilly Russo, Linfanera, Luigi Zucca-The Dark Side Art, Luisa Valeriani, Matteo Nebuloni-Nebulartvision, Mauro Pala, Monia Biscioni, Noah D’Alessandro, Olga Marciano, Olivia Pop, Paola Semilia, Pietro Zaccarelli, Ronal Bejarano, Sara Carusone, Silvia Galletti, Sofia Curci-2ofiart, Strimi21, Viviana Falcade, Will Paucar.

Art & Design Group Exhibition at Ma-Ec Gallery
Art & Design Group Exhibition at Ma-Ec Gallery.

19. Light from Carrara by Tube Gallery

Where: Tube Gallery, Piazza XXV Aprile 11/B

When: April 17 to 23, 2023, party April 19 at 7 p.m. by invitation

Luce di Carrara is returning to the Salone del Mobile under the creative direction of Attila Veress to present a new “Total Look” vision in marble that includes a wide range of distinctive textured cladding solutions, as well as solutions for bathrooms, living areas, lighting and home objects. All at the Tube Gallery headquarters. The catalog will feature new projects by the likes of professionals Archea Associati, Stefan Scholten, Karim Rashid, Federico Peri, Simone Bonanni, and Pierattelli Architetture.

Carrara Light from Tube Gallery
Light from Carrara at Tube Gallery

20. Less, Light, Local: Japanese design from Almach Art Gallery

Where: Almach Art Gallery, Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 3

When: April 17 to 23, 2023, party/cocktail April 19, 5 p.m.

Almach Art Gallery hosts Less, Light, Local where the NORI project is presented, which explores the future of algae through Arakawa Grip technology. The project combines the state-of-the-art suspension cable system “ARAKAWA GRIP,” by Arakawa & Co., Ltd. and the innovative research project “NORI” by we+. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for seaweed. Japan, the world’s largest consumer of seaweed, has a rich history of seaweed processing technologies that produce a wide variety of edible seaweeds. Among them, ITA NORI, an edible seaweed sheet used for sushi and rice balls, is a unique processed product that is deeply rooted in Japanese craft tradition. It is said to have been invented during the Edo period and derived from the Japanese technique of handmade papermaking. This product demonstrates the wisdom of our ancestors, who conserved limited resources without waste and appreciated the taste qualities of this product. However, in recent years, rising water temperatures due to climate change and changes in ocean currents and ecosystems have caused many algae to grow wilted and devoid of nutrients. Many of these algae are inedible for human consumption and commercial use, leading to their burning and waste. This exhibition seeks to give a new value to these discarded and inedible ITA NORI seaweeds. ARAKAWA GRIP, known for creating light and open spaces by combining a variety of materials, such as glass and wood, will showcase its expertise in installation and lighting, using sheet NORI as the primary material, which is strong, light and sustainable. Just as ITA NORI was born from traditional Japanese craftsmanship, the works on display draw inspiration from those craft techniques, using local materials and techniques to create a simple design. The exhibition not only explores the future of products, but also presents new ways of using ITA NORI as a new material, which is attracting worldwide interest as seaweed is a material deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

Less, Light, Local: Japanese design from Almach Art Gallery
Less, Light, Local: Japanese design from Almach Art Gallery

Milan, 20 gallery exhibitions opening during Design Week
Milan, 20 gallery exhibitions opening during Design Week

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