Siena: under the cathedral a benefit concert and dinner for Norcia's cultural heritage

Two charity events under Siena Cathedral to restore cultural heritage in Norcia. A concert and dinner to raise funds.

Two charity events that theOpera Metropolitana di Siena is promoting to help the cultural heritage of Norcia will be held in Siena in the coming days: the funds raised will in fact be used to restore the works affected by the 2016 earthquake that are currently housed (until Oct. 29) in the spaces of Santa Maria della Scala and the Crypt of the Cathedral as part of the “Wounded Beauty” exhibition.

OnWednesday, Aug. 23, the concert"The Voices of Siena for Norcia" will be held: it will begin at 9:30 in Piazza Jacopo della Quercia (next to the Cathedral), will be free admission and will see the Unione Corale Senese “Ettore Bastianini” Siena Choral Union, the Vico Alto Choir, the Gruppo Polifonico dei Madrigalisti Senesi, the Agostino Agazzari Choir and the Coro dei Polifonici Senesi take turns on the stage. The program includes performances of music by Bach, Pergolesi, Monteverdi, Giuseppe Verdi and other great composers. During the evening special containers will allow the public to leave voluntary donations earmarked for restoration.

OnWednesday, August 30, however, it will be the turn of the"Charity Dinner for Art," again in Piazza Jacopo della Quercia, under the great facade of the New Cathedral. A dinner with local products that will feature a fusion of Sienese and Umbrian cuisine: the menu includes appetizer based on black truffle pie from Norcia with a fondue of pecorino cheese from Pienza, as first Sienese malfatti and Umbrian strascinati with sfilzata of Norcia sausage and tomato, as second medallion of Cinta Senese with soufflé of Casteluccio lentils, and finally dessert based on ricciarelli, gingerbread twists and Umbrian rocciata. The dinner will be made possible by local farms and wineries, pastry shops and businesses, which will offer their products. Animating the dinner will be actor Vincenzo Bocciarelli, who will present the evening, Siena Jazz students and young Sienese violinist Niccolò Vasconetto. All proceeds will be donated to the restorations.

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Image: Jacopo della Quercia Square, next to the Cathedral, the place where the events will be held. Credit

Siena: under the cathedral a benefit concert and dinner for Norcia's cultural heritage
Siena: under the cathedral a benefit concert and dinner for Norcia's cultural heritage

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