Street art invades Pompeii Archaeological Park. The works of four artists in the excavations

During the Pompeii Street Festival, four international street artists will create their works inside the excavations of Pompeii.

Street art is also coming to the Pompeii Archaeological Park: in fact, from September 22 to 24, 2022, the Pompeii Street Festival will be held, and for the occasion four street artists will bring their creativity to the archaeological site, along Via dell’Abbondanza, with live painting shows, as part of the protocol signed between the City Council and the Park Management.

The artists involved are Argentine Max Bagnasco, who will create his work in the access boulevard of the Pompeii excavations, Canadian Ben Johnston, Dutch Gomad and Iranian Run, who will create their works in Via dell’Abbondanza inside the excavations.

The Pompeii Street Festival is an expression of our social vision of art. It is in art, understood not only in the aesthetic sense but also as a space for sharing, that resides the project realized in the millennial city of Pompeii, by its very historical identity devoted to cultural exchange. The participation of street artists from all over the world is in full continuity with the history of the territory and the city of Pompeii, which, during the Festival, becomes a center of urban redevelopment, of the enhancement of the memory of places and the return of these values to the community.

“Art, in our vision, is a form of social change, a vehicle for participation and sharing, reflection and growth not only individual but collective, so the Festival is for people and belongs to the community,” said Nello Petrucci, founder and artistic director of the Festival. “The project that we are developing aims to take root in an increasingly widespread way in the territory, involving first and foremost the new generations, interweaving different artistic languages such as urban art, cinema, photography and music, and touching on themes such as equality, education, solidarity, fundamental to nurture a sense of belonging, collaboration and social cohesion.”

The Pompeii Street Festival, now in its second edition, will in fact be divided into four sections: cinema, with an international competition dedicated to short films and documentaries; music, with DJ sets on the street by Daddy G of Massive Attack, Paolo Polcari of Almamegretta and Filo Q; art, with the participation of 32 street artists from 23 nations and 5 continents, who will also create 21 urban regeneration works and live shows; photos, with an exhibition dedicated to wars in the world through the shots of photojournalists and workshops with three of Campania’s best photographers. Meetings, debates and thematic workshops will complete the event’s busy schedule that actively involves young students from schools of all grades in the city on the themes of sociality-archaeology-art/urban art. Live shows, scheduled each day in the central streets of Pompeii (Via Sacra, Via Lepanto and Piazza Bartolo Longo) will allow artists to create their works on panels placed along the street and, at the same time, allow the public to witness the development of the work live. Twenty-one realizations on private and public buildings will enliven the urban redevelopment project throughout Pompeii. The artists, who will work in groups, will create works on the facades of the buildings that will be inspired by the themes of Pompeii Street Art 2022: resilience and antiquity.

Street art invades Pompeii Archaeological Park. The works of four artists in the excavations
Street art invades Pompeii Archaeological Park. The works of four artists in the excavations

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