The Masone Labyrinth opens for the first time at night for a performance... mythological

The Labyrinth of the Masone opens to the public for the first time during evening hours for the immersive, mythological performance Aquanae.

The Labirinto della Masone announces for the first time its evening opening on the occasion of the site-specific performance Aquanae.

The labyrinth will in fact stage a multimedia and immersive performance, a finalist project for the Blue - site-specific performance call of La Biennale di Venezia 2021. Therefore, from 8 p.m. to midnight on Friday, Sept. 2, 9, 16 and 23, it will be possible to walk the bamboo labyrinth in the evening hours and admire works from the Ricci Collection. A photography exhibition by artist Mono Giraud will also be set up at the Calvino Hall, which can be visited throughout the month of September on all days the Labyrinth is open.

Aquanae takes its starting point from the myth of the anguanas, creatures belonging to the legends of Italian folk traditions, who through their singing attract humans to themselves in order to kidnap them and transmit to them secrets related to the wisdom of Earth and Water.

The immersive performance Aquanae consists of guiding the spectator dispersed in the maze through a single instrument at his disposal: the sound composed by the voices of two performers: musician Sara Bertolucci and actress and singer Valentina Donati, who intertwine with the music. Deceiving from time to time the perception of distances through the voices, which become now close now distant, the experience will offer a unique concert between theatrical fiction and the exactness of music. The two musicians/performers use binaural recording, which gives the listener the illusion of being situated exactly in the environment of the sound event being filmed. Through a wireless headphone system, participants will thus experience from the very beginning of the performance the dazzling dimension of spatial, but not auditory, distance that will engage them from all directions. In the labyrinth, visitors will encounter architectural installations designed by architect Alessia Zampini and built with the elements of the myth: dry vegetation, bamboo, textiles, sheets, water, wool.

From the labyrinth one will re-emerge thanks to the guidance of the wild creatures themselves to a safe non-place. It is said that the first thing Theseus did when he emerged safely from the Labyrinth was to dance: the performance will conclude with a live set by electroacoustic musician Davide Fasulo, who by reworking the sounds of the performers will create a collective and cathartic final moment.
Instead, the visual construction of the space will be curated by world-renowned Argentine multidisciplinary artist and designer Mono Giraud, who will also dress the two performers with her creations in organic textile materials.

Throughout the month of September, the Labyrinth’s Sala Calvino will also host a photography exhibition dedicated to Mono Giraud’s work for the first time in Italy. On display will be shots documenting his most recent project MONOGIRAUD, in which Mono calls upon organic-natural materials, forms and colors to create objects, furniture and textiles, inviting a unique sensory experience in the process of dressing spaces. The photographs part of this series depict the characters who inhabit this world, caught by the artist in a stillness that reveals their souls, without even showing their faces, creating inspiring images that move the viewer.

The Masone Labyrinth opens for the first time at night for a performance... mythological
The Masone Labyrinth opens for the first time at night for a performance... mythological

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