Angelo Morbelli and the Monferrato landscape. Casale Monferrato.

The Museo Civico di Casale Monferrato is hosting a retrospective that examines the connection between Angelo Morbelli and the Monferrato landscape.

Until Sept. 29, 2019, a retrospective exhibition dedicated to Angelo Morbelli (Alessandria, 1853 - Milan, 1919) is open to the public at the Museo Civico di Casale Monferrato to mark the centenary of the artist’s death.

The exhibition, entitled Angelo Morbelli. Painter of the Monferrato, intends to pay homage to Morbelli’s work, enhancing the theme of landscape painting to which he had devoted himself during his stays in Monferrato, returning to the family home, Villa Maria at Colma di Rosignano, and analyzing the relationship between the painter and Monferrato.

Indeed, the link with Monferrato is evidenced by the Monferrato landscape depicted in his canvases. He would stay here every year, especially in the summer months, residing in the family home at the Colma, with its large and well-kept garden: a place that represented for the painter a true buen retiro where he would spend long periods, surrounded by family members and friends, including Giovanni Segantini, Emilio Longoni, Emilio Quadrelli, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo and Leonardo Bistolfi, whose portraits are still preserved in the monochrome frieze painted by Giovanni Sottocornola, created on two exterior sides of the house.
Casalese photographer Francesco Negri also frequented the artist’s studio, which had often availed itself of the use of photography to support artistic creation.

At Colma, Morbelli painted and experimented with colors and technique, taking the opportunity to devote himself to painting en plein air: his garden, streets and hills around Rosignano are immortalized in his works. In addition, period photographs depict the artist and the places he portrayed: an opportunity to enhance Angelo Morbelli’s paintings, which have now been on display at the Civic Museum for more than 20 years, the result of temporary deposits from private individuals that, because of their heterogeneity of subjects, technique and dating will allow a pictorial biography of the artist to be restored.

In addition to the canvases normally exhibited at the Civic Museum, visitors can admire Stretching Cloths in the Sun (1916), Hills of Monferrato (1917), The Telegram (1915), A Corner of the Garden at the Colma (1916), The Woodsplitter (1881-84), and Road of Monferrato with the Castle of Uviglie (1873).

The retrospective is organized by the Municipality of Casale Monferrato - Museo Civico - and Energica s.r.l.and is supported by the Municipality of Rosignano Monferrato, Cosmo S.p.A., Associazione Amici del Museo, Associazione Orizzonte Casale and Lions Club Casale Marchesi di Monferrato.

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Image: Angelo Morbelli, Bottega del pizzicagnolo

Angelo Morbelli and the Monferrato landscape. Casale Monferrato.
Angelo Morbelli and the Monferrato landscape. Casale Monferrato.

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