Baroque Waves, the exhibition showcasing the Baroque masterpieces of western Liguria, is extended

The exhibition "Baroque Waves. Diocesan Masterpieces between 1600 and 1750" set up at the Diocesan Museum in Albenga, the Oratorio della Ripa in Pieve di Teco (Imperia) and numerous other sites scattered throughout the diocesan territory has been extended. It was a great success with the public.

Extended untilJanuary 8, 2023, the exhibition Baroque Waves. Diocesan Masterpieces between 1600 and 1750 set up at the Diocesan Museum in Albenga, theOratorio della Ripa in Pieve di Teco (Imperia) and numerous other sites scattered throughout the diocesan territory. The exhibition, curated by Castore Sirimarco, director of the Diocese’s Cultural Heritage Office, and Don Emanuele Caccia, deputy director of the Diocesan Museum, has been a great success with the public since its opening; it was therefore decided not to close the exhibition on Nov. 13 as planned, but to allow visitors to view it until Jan. 8, 2023. From spring to the present Onde Barocche has recorded important numbers: in fact, almost ten thousand visitors have come to admire the masterpieces on display at the Diocesan Museum of Albenga and the Oratorio della Ripa di Pieve di Teco, and about 5,000 have come to the widespread sites in the diocesan territory that, by hosting works that are an integral part of the exhibition, have expanded the geography of the exhibition.

Baroque Waves brings the richness of the Baroque heritage into the spotlight: the rooms of the Diocesan Museum host some of the most important and fascinating masterpieces of this artistic phase. Among the protagonists of the exhibition, which gives space to pictorial works with some splendid works of sculpture, are Guido Reni, Giovanni Lanfranco, Domenico Fiasella, Luciano Borzone, Giulio Benso, i De Ferrari, Gioacchino Assereto, Giovanni Battista Casoni, Domenico Piola and Anton Maria Maragliano. Not just an exhibition of artistic treasures, but a path that combines history, culture and itineraries inviting the discovery of some of the most significant examples from the period between 1600 and 1750 and spread throughout the territory. The exhibition encourages the exploration of a very high season of art of all times through awe and artistic wonder.

“We had a large presence of students, including those from the Liceo Giordano Bruno in Albenga, but not only,” the curators recount. "We also received many groups that arrived from outside the region especially for Onde barocche, and we are pleased to recall the visit of the Nucleo Tutela del Patrimonio Culturale of the Carabinieri of Genoa and Monza, on the occasion of the return of a work stolen in the 1980s. We want to thank the De Mari Foundation of Savona, which supported us throughout the initiative and its side projects, but also all the volunteers who accompanied the events related to the exhibition and the staff of the Diocesan Museum, who did an excellent job with professionalism.“ ”A great many visitors were amazed with respect to the artistic quality of Baroque Waves,“ the curators continue, ”and of some works in particular including St. Anthony of Padua with Baby Jesus by Giulio Benso, St. Felice of Cantalice by Giovanni Cappellino, but also theAngel from Tovo Faraldi and Giovanni Ansaldo’s canvas dedicated to the triumph of the name of St. John the Baptist, usually usable from afar in the original location in Loano and at the Museum arranged to be admired up close."

Among the side events of Baroque Waves that were followed and appreciated was the recent in-depth series Trame barocche, dedicated to textiles and fashion in the Baroque era, held in collaboration with the Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio and the Fondazione Oddi in Albenga. About one hundred people attended the meetings accredited by the University of Genoa for its students throughout the month of October and characterized by an original approach to themes that ranged from iconography to jewelry, from textiles to embroidery.

Baroque Waves was produced in collaboration with Scuderie del Quirinale and Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura Genova, which have hosted exhibitions dedicated to the Baroque throughout 2022, recalling each other in their themes and artists and exhibiting works from the diocesan heritage such as The Baptism of Christ by Anton Maria Maragliano, The Temptations of St. Anthony and TheAssumption by Giulio Benso.

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Baroque Waves, the exhibition showcasing the Baroque masterpieces of western Liguria, is extended
Baroque Waves, the exhibition showcasing the Baroque masterpieces of western Liguria, is extended

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