Brescia's exhibition on women in art history, closed due to pandemic, returns in 2021

The exhibition on women in art history, which opened in early 2020 in Brescia at Palazzo Martinengo and then closed due to lockdown, will return in 2021.

The exhibition on women in art from Titian to Boldini, which opened last January but was halted prematurely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has been rescheduled for 2021. Women in Art. From Titian to Boldini (this is the title of the exhibition), curated by Davide Dotti will therefore be opened to the public again in Brescia, at Palazzo Martinengo. The idea of the organizers was to allow everyone, especially groups and school groups, who had already booked their visit, to appreciate the objective of the exhibition, that is, the telling of the decisive role that the female universe played in the history of Italian art, along a period of four centuries, from the dawn of the Renaissance to the Baroque, up to the Belle Époque.

Before it was stopped, the exhibition had been visited by more than 22.000 people in just over a month of opening, and it will return next year (dates have not yet been announced) with 90 works by great authors (some names: Titian, Guercino, Pitocchetto, Andrea Appiani, Francesco Hayez, Vittorio Corcos, Federico Zandomeneghi, Giovanni Boldini) who were able to represent the personality, refinement, character, sensuality and the subtlest nuances of the female hemisphere, paying special attention to fashion, hairstyles and accessories typical of each era and geographical context.

The exhibition itinerary, divided into eight thematic sections(Biblical Saints and Heroines; Mythology in Pink and Ancient History; Portraits of Women; Female Still Life; Motherhood; Work; Everyday Life; Nude and Sensuality) aims to document the relationship between art and the female world to highlight how women have always been the center of the artistic universe.

“Art never stops, not even in the face of the most serious events,” says Roberta Bellino, president of the Friends of Palazzo Martinengo Association, which is organizing the exhibition. “Inspired by the strength of the women and heroines portrayed in the masterpieces that made up the exhibition itinerary, we decided, in agreement with the Province of Brescia and the Fondazione Provincia di Brescia Eventi, to propose the same exhibition again, but only shifted by one year. This is because, a cultural initiative of such great value and depth deserves to be seen by the largest possible audience of enthusiasts and because we want to reward the trust of all the groups and school groups that had already booked their visit to Palazzo Martinengo.”

Image: Gaetano Bellei, Strike of the Wind (detail)

Brescia's exhibition on women in art history, closed due to pandemic, returns in 2021
Brescia's exhibition on women in art history, closed due to pandemic, returns in 2021

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