Chinese performer Liu Bolin stars in MUDEC's second photography exhibition

In Milan, MUDEC (and in particular the MUDEC PHOTO space) is hosting its second photography exhibition since its opening to date (the first one was Steve McCurry Animals) and entrusts the renowned Chinese artist Liu Bolin(Shandong, 1973) with the task of narrating his art in the first person, with a performance specially created for MUDEC and especially with a Visible Invisible exhibition.

The Chinese artist is known to the general public for his mimetic performances, in which, thanks to careful body painting, his body is fully integrated with the background.

Visible Invisible is an exhibition designed specifically for the MUDEC exhibition spaces, promoted by the City of Milan-Cultura, MUDEC and produced by 24 ORE Cultura, in collaboration with Boxart Gallery, curated by Beatrice Benedetti.

Emblematic places, social issues, known and secret cultural identities: Liu Bolin makes his own the poetics of hiding in order to become a thing among things , to denounce that all places, all objects, even the smallest, have a soul that characterizes them and in which to blend, to vanish, to identify with the Whole: a philosophy that is the daughter of theEast, but that has conquered the whole world, especially the Western one.

Contradictions between past and present, between power wielded and power suffered: this is the opposite and complementary reading of the nature of things, documented by Liu Bolin’s images. Behind the photographic shot that ends in a moment is the artist’s study, installation, painting, performance: a process of making that lasts even days, demonstrating how an artistic photographic image is never the result of chance, but the synthesis of an often complex creative process that reveals the artist’s consciousness and intimate knowledge of reality in all its complexity.

It is an interpretation of photographic performance that the MUDEC PHOTO space fully embraces, thus not limiting itself to hosting only canonical photographic exhibitions, but also widening its gaze to the world of photography “before the shot,” to that universe of preparatory research that is itself artistic performance, emotional involvement, waiting for the perfect moment, intimate concentration and teamwork; and finally, shooting.

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Chinese performer Liu Bolin stars in MUDEC's second photography exhibition
Chinese performer Liu Bolin stars in MUDEC's second photography exhibition

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