Don't hate me: in Pistoia, Vittorio Corsini's solo exhibition at the ME Vannucci Gallery

From Jan. 22 to March 19, 2023, the ME Vannucci Gallery in Pistoia is hosting the exhibition "Don't Hate Me," a solo show by Vittorio Corsini, in which the Tuscan artist presents his latest works.

From Jan. 22 to March 19, 2023, the ME Vannucci Gallery in Pistoia is hosting Non odiarmi, a solo exhibition by Vittorio Corsini (Cecina, 1956), in which the Tuscan artist presents his latest works, including a large installation that occupies the main room of the ME Vannucci Gallery in Pistoia. A text by Gabi Scardi accompanies the exhibition.

In the main room of the gallery the large metal sculpture, Neither inside nor outside from 2023, reproduces the floor plan of a house. On theperimeter some furniture crosses and breaks the encirclement of the walls. The drawing appears tampered with, because living, encountering, moving in space means, for the artist, constantly changing the plan, it means embracing mobility, leaving the certainties of stability, venturing into embrace. It is a reflection on the intensity and power of human relationships, the value of exchanges and encounters between people, and each house is the fruit, the objectification of these encounters, these changes. The design of a house is born from a dream, an idea of the life we would like to lead, from a definition of spaces to which we attach a value of projection and construction of our name. Time, the actions of life, difficulties or loves inevitably change our dreams, our perspectives, change the way we live, and that plant undergoes changes, not so much in the walls that remain immovable, but in the perception of these spaces that change face, change disposition.

In the exhibition itinerary other floor plans of other buildings such as Art Hotel, made of fabric and resting on wooden plinths or Vannucci’s gallery, a print on paper with fabric inserts. Here, too, the different materials with which the perimeters are made create openings, make the boundaries permeable. For lunch , on the other hand, is a sculpture composed of two crystal pots placed next to each other; on the edge of each is placed, seemingly at random, a small PVC print, actually a QR Code whose graphic design is made specifically for the work. By framing the two codes we are linked to the recipes of two dishes fundamental to the survival of two peoples: an Eritrean soup and Italian polenta.

The work Babette’s feast also speaks of food and relationships , a reference to Karen Blixen’s short story, Babette’s Luncheon, in which food also understood as a work of art becomes a point of encounter, relationship, and overcoming oppositions. Corsini makes a mirrored steel crate taking the shapes of common fruit crates, as if to create a container where one can collect what is part of one’s personal history, a small move with the objects that are part of one’s experience, words that take shape. Inside, a series of crystal sculptures: pots and dishes, but also the cover of the book imprinted with the title Babette’s feast.

Concluding the exhibition is the work Hate me, consisting of eight red neon lights attached to the wall. During the day, the installation occasionally goes off, allowing a glimpse of the photosensitive paint inscription “Hate me,” which, however, lasts only four seconds, then disappears. For all information about the exhibition you can visit the ME Vannucci Gallery website.

Vittorio Corsini lives and works between Tuscany and Milan. He is a lecturer at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan. His research has always focused on the theme of living as a mental archetype and as a place where the individual defines and realizes himself. Through sculptures and installations, he creates a kind of visual inventory of the elements of domestic living, raising the home to a constant icon in his work. Corsini makes interaction with users one of the cornerstones of his poetics. He therefore pays great attention to public art, of which we cite the project he has been leading for many years for the city of Peccioli. His poetics leads him indiscriminately to use different mediums: from drawing to sculpture, from glass to light up to investigations on social mediums such as in the “lightmood” project. He has exhibited in numerous public galleries and museums, and his work can be found in public and private collections.

Image: Vittorio Corsini, Hate me

Don't hate me: in Pistoia, Vittorio Corsini's solo exhibition at the ME Vannucci Gallery
Don't hate me: in Pistoia, Vittorio Corsini's solo exhibition at the ME Vannucci Gallery

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