In Città di Castello, Omar Galliani's homage to Federico García Lorca

From Aug. 12 to Oct. 12, 2022, the Art Gallery of Città di Castello is hosting the exhibition "What does García Lorca see?", a solo show by Omar Gallianiche pays homage to the great Andalusian poet.

As part of the 55th Festival of Nations in Città di Castello (Perugia), which pays tribute to Spain in 2022, Omar Galliani is presenting, from August 12 to October 12, 2022, at the Luigi Amadei Gallery of the Arts in Via Albizzini, 21/a, the solo exhibition Cosa vede García Lorca?, with works dedicated to the great Andalusian poet.

The exhibition stems from a reading of some of Federico García Lorca ’s poems and a selection of works by Omar Galliani, to which new ones have been added: unpublished plates that trace an ideal contiguity between word and sign with the work of the most important Spanish poet of the 20th century.

“What does the Poet’s song see when the eyes remain closed and the world is tinged with shadow?” asks Omar Galliani. “What do Poets hear when the geographies of sounds remain mute? What do Poets know of the Painters, Sculptors, Musicians who read their words today? What do Poets know of the magic of a musical note or a tone of color lit on the chill of one of their words? What do the Poets know of a light turned on in the night on a white sheet of paper hanging on their Andalusian rhymes that kissed the world when the world closed before His eyes... when ours were distant and absent.” According to Galliani, “Lorca’s work is a revelation of the word and of the instant in which one brushes against the earth looking for the sky. Summer evenings that are tinged with light and dark as in my drawings, where shadow gives way to light between the black of the pencil and the white poplar. García Lorca had his heart stopped and the light taken out of his eyes when his words sought only.... LIGHT.”

The exhibition includes about ten works done in black pencil and pastel on board, along with a work on gold leaf and some pencils and inks on paper. Large-format works alternate with smaller works. All the works on display, some of them made especially for “... What does García Lorca see?”, belong to the 2000s.

The exhibition, produced under the patronage of the City of Città di Castello, Festival of Nations, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Città di Castello, Piccolo Museo della Poesia di Piacenza, Fondazione Centro Studi Villa Montesca, Petruzzi Editore, Fidapa Alta Valle del Tevere, Rotary Club Città di Castello, Inner Wheel Club of Città di Castello, will be open daily 10:30 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4:30-7:30 p.m. Free admission. For information: T. +39 0758558918, M. +39 337 639963,, For more on Omar Galliani’s work:

Image: Omar Galliani, De Rerum Naturae (2020; pencil on panel, 150 x 150 cm)

In Città di Castello, Omar Galliani's homage to Federico García Lorca
In Città di Castello, Omar Galliani's homage to Federico García Lorca

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