In Rome, an exhibition on Dieter Kopp curated by Giorgio Agamben

Through July 30, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome is dedicating a retrospective exhibition on the 50-year career of German painter, but Roman by adoption, Dieter Kopp. Curating it is one of the greatest philosophers of our time, Giorgio Agamben, who knew Kopp well.

Curated by one of the leading philosophers of our time, Giorgio Agamben, the exhibition Dieter Kopp. Tradition and Freedom, on view at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome from May 10 to July 30, traces the more than 50 years of activity of painter Dieter Kopp (Prien am Chiemsee, Bavaria 1939 - Ardea 2022). German by birth, Kopp moved to Rome in 1966, binding himself deeply to his city of choice, to the point that Agamben, among the painters he met, he alone considers truly Roman. The exhibition set up on the second floor of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni presents a selection of works - oils, mostly, on canvas or on board, but also drawings made with different techniques, especially pastels - through which to go over all the main subjects that the artist invested in his painting: the landscapes of Paros (1970s), the still lifes(Zurbarán 1 and 2, 1975-1976); Villa Balestra in Rome and other views of the city made over different periods (from Rome in 1989 to Roman Forum. Afternoon, 2008); interiors(Reflections, 1977, Courtyard in the Morning, 1980-1981), Notre-Dame (1983-1984); nudes (large paintings, drawings and watercolors from the 1970s and 1980s), and bowls (1990s and 2000s).

To define Dieter Kopp’s painting, Jean Clair coined the neologism “adsence,” evoking a state of suspension, somewhere between absence and presence. A painting that Giorgio Agamben, a friend of the artist since the years of his arrival in Rome, saw reposed in a gesture at once peremptory and nuanced.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog edited by Giorgio Agamben, with texts by the curator, Jean Clair and Dieter Kopp, Quodlibet Editions, Macerata.

For all information, you can visit the official website of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

Pictured: Dieter Kopp, Bowl (2001), oil on cardboard, 20 x 25 cm. Private collection, Rome. ph. credit: Giorgio Benni

In Rome, an exhibition on Dieter Kopp curated by Giorgio Agamben
In Rome, an exhibition on Dieter Kopp curated by Giorgio Agamben

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