Land Art at Furlo celebrates its 10th edition

Land Art at Furlo celebrates its 10th edition with three artists from three different geographical areas-Han Lammers, Arnhild Kart and Michele Picone.

On the occasion of the tenth year of Land Art at Furlo, during which more than 400 artists with thousands of visitors attended, the House of Artists decided to host. under the direction of Andrea Baffoni, three artists from different geographical areas: Han Lammers, a Dutch sculptor; Arnhild Kart, a German artist; and Michele Picone, a Sicilian artist.

“Three voices operating on different fronts between minimalism, symbolism and conceptual structuralism, selected to open a dialogue with distant cultures and languages, but capable of keeping the focus on the principle of inclusiveness that the House of Artists of Sant’Anna del Furlo has always made its own. After ten years, in fact, the Furlo Park has become a national reality for Land art and environmental art and therefore needs a deep action of preservation and definition of the aesthetic path. As of now, the project envisages the identification of geographical areas particularly sensitive to sculpture and environmental art, inviting a few but selected artists capable of leaving a permanent mark on the park and thus connecting distant territories. To consolidate, therefore, a network of relationships that have been woven in this decade, but now want to become a real ”road network“ of sensitivity, culture, love for territories and their people. ”A eulogy to the ’local particular’ that becomes ’international living,’ the only way, today, to concretely nullify the fear of diversity and suspicions toward a practice such as welcoming," Baffoni wrote.

In addition, the Artists’ House, intended to house electrical workers, is turning 100 years old, and to pay tribute to the workers who built and inhabited it and to the artists, Antonio Sorace, president of the cultural association, combined the construction board with the artists’ palette. The Worker’s Village thus revived in the Artists’ Village and became The Palette of Accoiglience: a 16-meter-long table built with scaffolding walkways. 16 artists then each intervened on a galvanized sheet metal panel. On Oct. 3, 2019, the Table will be exhibited in the Sassocorvaro Fortress, while on Oct. 5 and 6 it will be at the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, as a collective touring work.

The 10th edition of Land Art at Furlo 2019, titled Unodiecicento, will open on August 31 at 3:30 p.m. and will continue until September 14, 2019.

Pictured is one of Michele Picone’s works.

Land Art at Furlo celebrates its 10th edition
Land Art at Furlo celebrates its 10th edition

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