Macerata, GABA.MC Gallery showcases art in the Marche region between the 1970s and early 2000s

From March 28, 2023 to May 06, 2023 at GABA.MC - Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata is the exhibition When Colors Tell. Art in the Marches between the 1970s and early 2000s: an insight into art in the Marches in the last three decades of the last century.

When Colors Tell. Art in the Marche between the 1970s and early 2000s is the title of the exhibition curated by Vittoria Coen and M. Letizia Paiato scheduled from March 28 to May 6 at GABA.MC the Academy’s gallery. Among the 50th anniversary events, the exhibition aims to offer a glimpse of art in the Marche region in the last three decades of the last century, which, thanks to the work of art lovers, visionaries and pioneers such as Roberto Rossini, saw the spread in the region of the most modern languages of national and international art of the time.

One of the nodal figures of the area, Roberto Rossini, precisely, approached the art world through the experience of La Nuova Foglio Publishing House. Initially founded by Giorgio Cegna in 1964, in 1970, precisely with the arrival of Roberto Rossini, Il Foglio was transformed by acquiring the feminine appellation “La Nuova,” which highlighted its spirit of renewal of the project, as well as the more general spirit of the historical moment. An experience that soon led to the opening of the Galleria del Foglio in Via Condotti in Rome. The contribution to graphic design by Magdalo Mussio, whose two works, one on canvas from 1974 and one on paper from 1975, are on display, also marks a fundamental change that projects La Nuova Foglio into an increasingly experimental and international dimension.

It is a dimension that Rossini also embraces and carries forward in the experiences of the “Galleria Arte e Dintorni” in Pollenza, of “Piazza delle Erbe” in Montecassiano, in that of “Del Falconiere” in Ancona together with Alfio Vico, without forgetting the partnership with Dagoberto Pavia of the “Vinciana” Gallery in the heart of Milan in the early 1980s. Gallerists, collectors and cultural operators have been and are, to this day, the artists’ traveling companions. Without their support and trust, in fact, many achievements would have represented nothing more than transitory phenomena, circumscribed to limited cultural and professional circles.

Roberto Rossini, with his own commitment and energy, has contributed to the enhancement of many internationally recognized and appreciated artists. His great passion for art has been and is the lifeblood in a path marked by successes and important recognitions. This is also testified by the rich historical archive of his activity and the relationships he has had with the artists whose work he has followed and encouraged. The exhibition thus aims to testify how the commitment of Roberto Rossini’s activity as a cultural worker, like a life dedicated to research and experimentation, contributed to the diffusion of more modern art, through a selection of works pertaining to the languages of conceptual and performance art and so-called Italian Pop Art.

The works, coming from various private collections that Roberto Rossini contributed to enrich, answer to the names of Ubaldo Bartolini, Joseph Beuys, Gastone Biggi, Eugenio Carmi, Ugo Carrega, Lucio del Pezzo, Vincenzo Ferrari, Giosetta Fioroni, Hsiao Chin, Gino Marotta, Fabio Mauri, Magdalo Mussio, Angela Occhipinti, Luca Maria Patella, Mimmo Rotella, Fausta Squatriti, Tino Stefanoni, Emilio Tadini, Emilo Vedova, and Nanda Vigo.

At the exhibition Quando I Colori Raccontano. Art in the Marche between the 1970s and the early 2000s, Macerata Academy of Fine Arts lecturers Mariangela Canale and Paolo Gobbi also collaborated, as well as Loredana Finicelli of the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone, GABA.MC’s scientific adviser.

The exhibition is open to the public until May 6, 2023.

On the opening day, Tuesday, March 28, a meeting with Roberto Rossini is scheduled at 6 p.m.

Information: Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata Piazza Vittorio Veneto 7 (MC) / tel +39 0733 405111

Macerata, GABA.MC Gallery showcases art in the Marche region between the 1970s and early 2000s
Macerata, GABA.MC Gallery showcases art in the Marche region between the 1970s and early 2000s

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