Picasso, Braque and Cocteau compared in an exhibition in Turin, Italy

An exhibition comparing Picasso, Braque, and Cocteau is open until May 26, 2018 at the Elena Salamon Gallery in Turin, Italy.

Elena Salamon Arte Moderna, an art gallery located in Turin’s Piazzetta IV Marzo, is hosting the exhibition “Picasso, Braque and Cocteau. Three Great Personalities Compared,” open until May 26. The exhibition is a tribute to the relationship between Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, who met during an exhibition at the Salon D’Automne in 1907 and through the mediation of Guillaume Apollinaire, and between Picasso and Jean Cocteau, who met in 1917.

While Picasso and Braque were painters, among the progenitors of the Cubist movement, Cocteau was also a poet, playwright director, and actor. While using often different expressions, all three were united by profound convictions: the work does not come from a project, but from an immediate, spontaneous gesture. Figure and sign dissolve, giving way to original, pure forms.
In order to better illustrate this concept, the exhibition displays, in continuous dialogue, more than one hundred lithographs made in a time span from 1934 to 1963, almost all in color, from different series made by the three artists during the course of their careers.

And it is precisely in lithography (a medium that allows ample use of color and high print runs) that Picasso, Braque and Cocteau identify one of the means among the most suitable for their artistic language. For all information you can visit www.elenasalamon.com, where you can also find the exhibition catalog.

Pictured: Hommage a Braque (1964), lithograph by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Braque and Cocteau compared in an exhibition in Turin, Italy
Picasso, Braque and Cocteau compared in an exhibition in Turin, Italy

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