Rome, Gianluigi Colin's Shrouds on display at Visionarea Art Space

From March 13 to May 10, 2019, Visionarea Art Space in Rome is hosting Gianluigi Colin's solo exhibition 'Sudari.

At Visionarea Art Space in Rome, from March 13 to May 10, 2019, there is the exhibition Sudari, a solo show by Gianluigi Colin (Pordenone, 1956) who exhibits his “sudari,” a sequence of abstract works, loaded with chromatic sedimentations, repeated streaks, and dilated fields in space. The uniqueness of this new series by the Friulian artist lies in the origin of these works and highlights the personal history and conceptual root of the artist’s recent research: in fact, Colin appropriates large textiles used to clean the rotary presses of newspapers and printing arts establishments. These are “roto-paintings” on polyester fabrics, used to symbolically “remove” words and images in publishing production.

The exhibition includes a body of three monumental works, completely new and made specifically for the Visionarea Art Space exhibition project. The works in the exhibition arise in the complex of typographic reality, bearer of the memory of days, months, years of information, steeped in ink and collective energy. Authentic “rags of words”: the degree zero of any form of writing.

Gianluigi Colin places at the center of his research the mythology of newspapers, books, culture, reflecting on the media system, operating in the dialogue between images and words and addressing the theme of the gaze and memory. The artist, from his privileged point of view, observes the world through its becoming history starting from the endless stream of images of the daily news, which come to settle in individual memory only after the media filter. The iconographic “capital” of our present history is the starting point of the investigation, which sets aside an ideological reading to focus on research into the technological transformations that in recent years have changed cognitive processes, the culture of representation and, above all, design attitudes.

For these reasons, the Sudari exhibition represents an entirely new, unexpected and surprising chapter in Gianluigi Colin’s journey. For all information you can send an email to or visit the official website of Visionarea Art Space.

Pictured: a Sudari by Gianluigi Colin

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Rome, Gianluigi Colin's Shrouds on display at Visionarea Art Space
Rome, Gianluigi Colin's Shrouds on display at Visionarea Art Space

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