Scultura Aurea. Artist's Jewels in the Ducal Palace of Urbino

On May 31, 2019, an exhibition exploring artist's jewelry opens at the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, Italy: Scultura Aurea.

Opening on May 31, 2019 at the Ducal Palace in Urbino is the exhibition Sculpture Aurea. Artist Jewelry for a New Renaissance, curated by Paola Stroppiana and open until September 8, 2019.

The exhibition aims to be an overview of artist’s jewelry in the 20th and 21st centuries and to highlight the contribution of sculptors and painters to the field of jewelry, understood as a work of art. Through a wide selection with more than 140 pieces created by 46 international artists, the contributions and influences and the revolutionary scope of the contamination between the arts in the field of jewelry will be highlighted.

The Marche region is also recognized as having a great goldsmith culture: the region is considered a district of international standing in terms of expertise and dissemination of schools and models.

Significant figures of the 20th century include Edgardo Mannuci, Giuseppe Uncini, Valeriano Trubbiani, Eliseo Mattiacci, Giorgio Facchini, and Alberto Giorgi, as well as the important contribution of the brothers Arnaldo and Gio’ Pomodoro: both made ornaments of great beauty, also revaluing the ancient technique of cuttlebone casting.

Beginning after World War II, Italian masters such as Afro, Nino Franchina, Gino Severini, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Umberto Mastroianni, Getulio Alviani, and Giorgio De Chirico became the interpreters of artist’s jewelry, thanks to the patronage of merchants, gallery owners, and patrons.

A valuable selection is devoted to unique pieces by internationally renowned artists, who have dealt with the goldsmith’s field since the 1940s: among them, Alexander Calder, Salvador Dalí, George Braque, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Alicia Penalba, and some examples of jewelry made by contemporary artists, such as Igor Mitoraj, Enrico Castellani, Giulio Paolini, and Anish Kapoor.

The fundamental theme of the exhibition design is the intermingling of major and minor arts, involving the architecture of the Doge’s Palace with virtual stage settings. Artist’s jewelry, painting, sculpture and architectural elements dialogue, experimenting with the idea of a new Renaissance also in a technological key.

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Image: Gio’ Pomodoro (1964; necklace in pure gold, red gold, white gold, emeralds, rubies; unique piece, collection B. Pomodoro, Seravezza).

Scultura Aurea. Artist's Jewels in the Ducal Palace of Urbino
Scultura Aurea. Artist's Jewels in the Ducal Palace of Urbino

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