Segovia, Borondo's opera spread to commemorate 500 years since the Comuneros revolt

Thirty-two works in seventeen stages to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Comuneros revolt in Segovia, the first popular uprisings in Castile.

Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo, together with the Municipality of Segovia in collaboration with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and with the support of Studio Studio Studio presents until April 23, 2021 the widespread work Insurrecta, a project intended to commemorate the five-hundredth anniversary of the Comuneros revolt in the city. A route that includes advertising spaces away from the tourist center of Segovia, for a total of thirty-two works distributed in seventeen stages.

Borondo celebrates throughout the project Goya ’s popularizing intention used in his series of etchings Los caprichos and Los desastres, through the monotype technique.

In May 1520 the first popular uprisings occurred in Segovia and spread throughout Castile.
Through an initial phase of historiographical research, the artist recalls the Comuneros deepening the idea of revolt and power struggles, also investigating the confrontation of humanity with nature, urban traces in the natural landscape, the effects of an imposed action in society, and the reappropriation of spaces. Insurrecta intends to present itself as an open-air museum that can be traveled by foot, car or bicycle. At the same time, the artist unveils to visitors a visual space of Segovia less known by tourists, promoting the visibility of so-called urban nonplaces.

The project combines critical thinking with a reflection implemented through the interaction between visual metaphors and historiographical narrative. The choice of medium is not accidental: the artist connects the reappropriation of territory at the hands of the Comuneros with art’s reappropriation of advertising spaces.

Although all the works are united by the monotype, different techniques are used: iron sculptures and micro-perforated panels invade the space beyond the billboard frames; the ancient method of cyanotype; the animation and juxtaposition of the work with its surroundings plays with the perspectives and landscape scenarios of the context, which become part of the work itself.

Ph.Credit Roberto Conte

Segovia, Borondo's opera spread to commemorate 500 years since the Comuneros revolt
Segovia, Borondo's opera spread to commemorate 500 years since the Comuneros revolt

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