The eighth edition of the Cortona on the Move photography festival arrives, this summer

From July 12 to Sept. 30, 2018, the eighth edition of the photography festival 'Cortona on the move' is held in Cortona

The eighth edition of Cortona on the Move, a celebrated photography festival, will be held from July 12 to September 30, 2018, curated by Arianna Rinaldo for the ONTHEMOVE Cultural Association.This year women photographers will be the protagonists of the event held between the city’s historic center and the Fortezza Medicea del Girifalco: photojournalists, artists, documentary filmmakers who offer stories of our world, intimate or global stories that need to be told. Hands, minds and eyes of women who work in contemporary photography and make their voices strongly heard.

Also, for the first time as of this year, a new section of the Cortona On The Move festival will be part of ARENA -Video and Beyond sponsored by Canon Cinema Eos, showcasing experimental videos, installations and transmedia works by photographers working between photography, film and technology. Art direction and curatorship are provided by Screen ’s Liza Faktor and Amber Terranova.

Israeli photographer Elinor Carucci with Getting Closer, Becoming Mother: About Intimacy and Family.1993--2012 chronicles her experience as a woman and mother in a long-term photographic project; a different narrative is that of Jordanian Tanya Habjouqa whose Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots goes on to explore the personal and family experience of Syrian refugee women in neighboring Jordan.

Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile by Poulomi Basu, on the other hand, is a transmedia journey about Nepalese women, forced into exile during their menstrual period and subject to all forms of abuse. Sanne De Wilde ’s project The Island of the Colorblind takes us to Pingelap, a small atoll in thePacific Ocean where much of the population is affected by achromatopsia, a genetic disorder that does not make them distinguish colors; the Belgian photographer narrates through black and white, infrared and hand-painted photos the world as seen through their eyes.

The dark chapter of Guantánamo is the focus of Debi Cornwall’s work Welcome to Camp America: Inside Guantánamo Bay, the U.S.-based photographer followed both the lives of the prisoners in the camp and the aftermath once they were acquitted and released. Guia Besana ’s Under Pressure investigates women’s emancipation and its evolution between the two millennia.

To make Fallout, Singaporean documentary photographer Sim Chi Yin was commissioned by the Nobel Peace Prize Center to travel six thousand kilometers along the border between China and North Korea and across six of the United States to make a series of images chronicling men’s past and present experience with nuclear weapons. The Red Road Project, on the other hand, is the work of Italian photographer Carlotta Cardana that focuses on Native Americans, their identity and the attempt to eliminate their culture perpetrated for since the late 1800s.

Exploration of the theme of the uniqueness and diversity of each person, the connection between the inner and outer worlds is the subject chosen by young Russian photographer Alena Zhandarova for her Puree with a Taste of Triangles; while Jennifer Greenburg ’s Revising History is a study of photography, the nature of the vernacular image and its role in the creation of cultural allegories and stereotypes.

Bug Out Bags are the essential 72-hour survival kit to prepare for catastrophes, the manifestations of the fears and obsessions of the 21st century American. Each owner customizes his or her own and each BOB becomes his or her own portrait in Bug Out Bag: The Commodification of American Fear by American Allison Stewart. Loulou d’Aki’s Make a Wish is a photographic project about the hopes and dreams of young people, which aims to become a testimony to current times: at the center of the Swedish photographer’s work are the experiences of the Arab Springs. It is the winning project of COTM2017’s PhotoBoook Prize and, thanks to this, has also become a book produced by the festival.

Pierfrancesco Celada ’s #instagrampier is the winning work of Happiness ONTHEMOVE 2017 that will be exhibited in this edition of the festival. TheInstagram Pier is an industrial pier located on the western side of Hong Kong Island that has become famous with this appellation for a few years now. Every day, especially at sunset, many instagrammers, photographers and ordinary citizens attracted by the picturesque view of Victoria Harbor gather at the pier to take selfies and panoramic photos.

For the second year, the collaboration with Aboca to create an exhibition and photo book on the Grand Ducal Montecchio estate goes on. This year the artist chosen to produce it is Simon Roberts, a British photographer known for his humanist landscapes.

For the first time an exhibition of the festival will be set up inside Valdichiana Outlet Village, photographer Massimo Vitali will create a project on the Outlet telling through his gaze the environment and the interaction of the public in this place of new sociality.

Inaugurated in November 2012 by Aperture Foundation and Paris Photo, the Paris Photo--Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards celebrates the contribution of the photobook to the evolution of photographic storytelling. The finalist books will be on display at Cortona On The Move.

The program of the 2018 edition is therefore rich and intense: exhibitions will be flanked by events, workshops, portfolio readings, calls and talks.
On the opening days of the festival (July 12--15) the most important professionals of photography on the world scene will meet in Cortona, engaged in events, presentations, talks, workshops and portfolio readings.

The eighth edition of the Cortona on the Move photography festival arrives, this summer
The eighth edition of the Cortona on the Move photography festival arrives, this summer

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