The works of Eva Marisaldi and Helene Appel in dialogue at the Museo Marino Marini

On the occasion of Florence Art Week, the Museo Marino Marini presents a confrontation between two artists of different generations, Eva Marisaldi and Helene Appel. Fulcrum is the observation of reality, experience and the everyday.

On the occasion of Florence Art Week, the Museo Marino Marini in Florence is hosting the exhibition Andature III, curated by Marcella Cangioli and Antonella Nicola, in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale Città Nascosta and the Museo Marino Marini, under the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and the City of Florence, from October 5 to December 24, 2023.

Created in 2020, Andature is an interdisciplinary project that in both the first and second editions presented a confrontation between two artists of different generations; it will be the same for the third edition, which will feature works by Helene Appel and Eva Marisaldi. The focus will shift to theobservation of reality, experience and the everyday investigated on the one hand with acuity and fidelity, and on the other with poetic nuances.

The curators have chosen to broaden the poetic dialogue between the two artists, intending not only to highlight their languages and links with the history of art, but intending this time to weave, specifically, a liason with the works of the Marino Marini Museum collection, thus emphasizing those sculptural and pictorial material elements and aspects that have interested Marino Marini, as well as the artists featured in ANDATURE III. Thus, pictorial and sculptural works, sound installations, videos and drawings are presented in which, proceeding by intuitions, inspirations or specific references, it will be possible to recognize the artist’s step, his time, his gaze, his unstoppable creative process.

Eva Marisaldi analyzes the modes of communication, language and the rules that influence our behavior, traversing in a transversal way the different themes that concern society and everyday life in order to decode, in an almost anthropological way, what is hidden behind conventions. His work takes shape in an eclectic way, using different media, moving from drawing to photography and sculpture, to performance, kinetic art, video and sound installations (created in collaboration with Enrico Serotti). Starting from Marino Marini’s works, Eva Marisaldi implements a reflection on sculpture by choosing, in the master’s production, some small figures of acrobats and horsemen that become the motif on which the artist articulates her own investigation and realizes, especially for this occasion, some new drawings, Danza, two new sculptures Studio#1 and Studio #2 and an engraving on glass, Lezioni, works that integrate well with the others selected for the exhibition, where rhythm, light and sound represent the new lexicon to continue talking about sculpture.

The themes that recur in Helene Appel ’s paintings refer to the everyday, natural and domestic. Helene paints “common objects”: we find ourselves admiring Twig, a broken twig, Gully a manhole cover she accidentally walked on, Cutting Board a celery cut on a plane, or even a large curtain, Blue Fabric from 2016 or Sand (2018), where grains of sand, a children’s playground or boundary of our land, draw the shadows and lights of that unexpected frame. By taking them out of context and stripping them of their narrative, they mutate and transform, becoming almost three-dimensional icons. Like the child who finds a seashell, a toy remnant or a small relic, it is the state of wonderment that ignites the object on which Helene focuses her gaze each time. Helene brings her attentive gaze in search of that detail, that shape or that precise curvature capable of becoming the incipit of a new story.

Starting from real, concrete or abstract data, Eva Marisaldi and Helene Appel, through their poetic imagery, turn their gaze to the “here and now” to attempt, through what is clearly shown to our eyes, to reach elsewhere, to an unveiling, to that something that escapes, that we do not grasp, that is not recognized, to open to possible other meanings and transformations.

Andature III is produced under the Patronage of the Region of Tuscany and the City of Florence, the support of CONstruire srl, Italianroom srl, Mazzoni Casa srl and Laboratorio Sodini srl, and the collaboration of Galleria De Foscherari and Galleria P420, Bologna.

The works of Eva Marisaldi and Helene Appel in dialogue at the Museo Marino Marini
The works of Eva Marisaldi and Helene Appel in dialogue at the Museo Marino Marini

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