When Garibaldi escaped San Marino. An exhibition in the Republic of the Titan

From July 27, 2019 to January 20, 2020, the San Francesco Museum in San Marino is hosting the exhibition 'Let us ask for asylum and some bread. Garibaldi in San Marino'.

On Saturday, July 27, 2019, the exhibition Chiediamo asilo e un po’ di pane (Let’s ask for asylum and some bread) opened at the San Francesco Art Gallery Museum in San Marino . Garibaldi in San Marino.

Curated by the Cultural Institutes(State Archives, State Library, State Museums), the exhibition is part of a project on the valorization of Garibaldi’s trafila on the occasion of its 170th anniversary and retraces the phases of the episode that has gone down in history as the Garibaldian scampo through objects, images, documents, and books that will remain on display until January 20, 2020.

The events take place in July 1849. At the fall of the Roman Republic, Giuseppe Garibaldi with his wife Anita and a large group of fighters attempted to reach Venice for safety. In this adventurous escape, pursued by the Austrian army, Garibaldi enters San Marino on July 31, meets the Captains Regent and asks them for “asylum and some bread.”

The Republic faces a most onerous task: within a single day it must save its traditional freedom and, at the same time, Garibaldi and his troops. The Sammarinese lend aid to the fugitives. The General disbands the army in the churchyard of the Capuchin Church outside the city of San Marino. On the night of July 31, accompanied by a local guide, Garibaldi attempts to reach the sea near Cesenatico with Anita and a few loyalists. In the meantime, after the escape, San Marino diplomacy continued its mediation, managed to avert the danger of the occupation of the Republic by the Austrians and to disarm and flee the Garibaldini still in San Marino.

These are the events that the exhibition recounts until January 20, 2020. All info can be found on the San Marino Cultural Institutes website.

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When Garibaldi escaped San Marino. An exhibition in the Republic of the Titan
When Garibaldi escaped San Marino. An exhibition in the Republic of the Titan

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