Wild nature... in the city: the exhibition at MUSE in Trento

How the relationship between humanity and the wild world changes in the city: an interesting topic that is the subject of an exhibition entitled "Wild City. Stories of Urban Nature" scheduled at MUSE in Trent from April 1 to Nov. 5, 2023.

An exhibition to tell how the relationship between humanity and wildlife changes in the city. It is Wild City. Stories of Urban Nature, scheduled at the MUSE - Trento Science Museum from April 1 to November 5, 2023. From the peregrine falcon, which has moved from rock walls to the ledges of skyscrapers to nest and hunt its prey, to the common gecko, now a regular presence even in Alpine cities like Trento. From the eastern black crows, which in Japan have learned to use crosswalks as convenient nutcrackers, to the slow lori, a primate that in Java (Indonesia) is in danger of disappearing because of urban sprawl. These are just some of the stories of nature in the city that the exhibition tells.

The exhibition, enhanced by videos, interactive exhibits, artifacts and photographs, investigates the sometimes disconnected relationship, sometimes devoted to coexistence, between humanity and animal and plant species in an increasingly urbanized world.

We have lived there for a very long time and it is our “collective den,” but we Sapiens seldom realize that the city is populated by many other living things that, with often surprising strategies and adaptive solutions, have managed to settle in this man-made environment.

The exhibition Wild City. Stories of Urban Nature addresses four fundamental themes for understanding the new urban ecosystem: the threats and obstacles that the city poses to nonhuman living things; the opportunities that the city offers; the city environment as a driver of evolution; and the positive, conflictual and coexisting interactions between humans and other species in an urban context. An exhibition that brings with it a big question: what should or could the cities of the future look like?

For all information you can visit the MUSE website.

Wild nature... in the city: the exhibition at MUSE in Trento
Wild nature... in the city: the exhibition at MUSE in Trento

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