Jobs: vacancies, open positions and competitions to work in culture

As every Friday, our appointment for job seekers is renewed. Today the vacancies we have collected from February 19 to 26, 2021.

It’s Friday, day of job openings: let’s see what open positions, announcements and competitions to work in culture our column offers today, with all the opportunities we have collected from February 19 to 26, 2021.

In Rome, theAcadémie de France à Rome offers two internship opportunities: one in the cultural programming and communication offices, one in the pedagogical office. Deadline March 26, 2021. For all information see the Villa Medici website.

In Turin, the Fondazione Centro Conservazione e Restauro dei Beni Culturali La Venaria Reale Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration Center publishes a notice for the establishment of a list of technical-scientific figures for professional assignments in the field of diagnostic activities of the center’s scientific laboratories. Deadline February 28. For info visit the foundation’s website.

In Brescia, the Teatro Grande Foundation announces a selection notice for the full-time, permanent recruitment of a procurement officer. Deadline March 17, 2021. For info go to the Teatro Grande Foundation website.

In Naples, the Naples Teatro Stabile has published a notice for the selection of personnel to be employed in the position of Social Web Master Promotion Officer. Deadline March 15. For info visit the Naples Teatro Stabile website.

In Comacchio (Ferrara), the Municipality of Comacchio a public notice for the formulation of a list of suitable candidates for a position in the “cultural institutes” service. Deadline March 18. For info consult the Comacchio municipality website.

In Nembro (Bergamo), the Municipality of Nembro announces a competition for titles and exams to fill a full-time, permanent position of library assistant. Deadline is March 22. For information see the Nembro Municipality website.

In Lovere (Bergamo), the Municipality of Lovere announces a competition for a full-time, open-ended post of administrative executive instructor for the General Affairs Area, Tourism and Cultural Promotion Sector. Deadline March 25. For information go to the City of Lovere website.

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Jobs: vacancies, open positions and competitions to work in culture
Jobs: vacancies, open positions and competitions to work in culture

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