Jobs, vacancies to work in culture and heritage this week

As every Friday, the appointment with the column for job seekers is renewed. Let's look today at the opportunities we have gathered between March 19 and 26, 2021.

Back, as it is every Friday, is the space that Windows on Art reserves for those looking for jobs in culture and cultural heritage. So let’s take a look at offers, calls for applications, open positions, and opportunities that we have collected during the week of March 19-26, 2021.

In Florence, the Museo degli Innocenti is holding a competition for the position of Scientific Director. The competition expires on April 15, 2021. For information go to the website of the Istituto degli Innocenti.

In Rome, the Cultural Heritage School Foundation is seeking a communications officer(link to the notice here) and an educational secretary(link to the notice here). Both are due April 13, 2021.

In Rome,Istituto Luce Cinecittà is looking for a set design officer and a maintenance officer. The deadline for both is March 31, 2021. For info visit the Istituto Luce Cinecittà website.

In Genoa, the Liguria Region is holding two competitions: one for the permanent recruitment of a technical officer for the Regional Restoration Laboratory, and one for the permanent recruitment of a technical administrative instructor-restorer. Deadline April 16, 2021. Here is the link to the competition for technical officer, instead here is the link to the competition for administrative technical instructor - restorer.

In Pisa, theUniversity of Pisa announces a public selection for examinations for a permanent employment contract, at the University Center for Innovation and Dissemination of Culture (CIDIC) - Publishing Pole - Pisa University Press. Deadline April 16, 2021. For info go to the University of Pisa website.

In Pesaro, the City of Pesaro is seeking a permanent cultural services specialist. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Philosophy, Humanities, History, History and Conservation of Cultural Heritage and equivalent or equivalent degrees; Bachelor’s degree, including a three-year degree, together with the degree obtained at two-year or three-year professional schools for librarians recognized by the current regional and national system; knowledge of English; knowledge of the use of the most widely used computer equipment and applications. Deadline April 22, 2021. For info consult the Pesaro City Council website.

In Bologna, the Mario Perrotta Theater Company is looking for a theater organizer. The organizer will follow all aspects of the company’s organization: the production process of a project, distribution of shows and tour planning, promotion and communication strategy of all activities, study and analysis of new ideas and their feasibility. For info visit the Mario Perrotta company website.

In Medicina (Bologna), the Municipality of Medicina announces a public competition, for exams,public competition, for the permanent recruitment of a Cultural Management Instructor. Deadline April 6. For info consult the website of the Municipality of Medicina.

In Cameri (Novara), the City of Cameri is holding a competition for the recruitment of a full-time, permanent librarian. Deadline is April 15. For info, see the Cameri City Council website.

In Acquapendente (Viterbo), the Municipality of Acquapendente announces a competition for the full-time, open-ended recruitment of a Tourism and Culture Executive Instructor. Deadline April 15, 2021. For info consult the website of the Municipality of Acquapendente.

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Photo: Florence, Spedale degli Innocenti. Ph. Ronald Geider

Jobs, vacancies to work in culture and heritage this week
Jobs, vacancies to work in culture and heritage this week

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