Ministry of Culture hires: competition for 75 officials arrives

New competition at the Ministry of Culture: in fact, a call for applications for the recruitment of 75 new staff in the area of high professionalism with a specialized profile has been announced. Here's everything you need to know.

A new competition at the Ministry of Culture. In fact, the Roman College announced today the recruitment of 75 new staff members, belonging to the area of high professionalism with a specialized profile. This open competition, based on qualifications and exams, will be administered by the Civil Service Department and the RIPAM Commission. The selection aims to reinforce the Ministry’s staff with specific skills, broken down as follows:

  • Statistical-information systems: 17 units, including 15 with IT skills and 2 with statistical skills.

  • Cultural heritage protection - technical-scientific: 13 units, divided into 3 with expertise in biology, 4 in chemistry, 3 in physics and 3 in geology.

  • Cultural heritage protection and enhancement - technical-scientific: 35 units, with 10 architects, 5 restorers and 20 engineers.

  • Administrative and management: 10 units with expertise in management engineering.

This initiative is a significant step for the Ministry of Culture, which is the first to implement the new provisions of Decree-Law No. 80 of 2021. The necessary resources for these hires were made available through the efforts of the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, through Decree-Law No. 75 of 2023.

Professional Profiles and Selection

Candidates will be evaluated through a process that includes both evaluation of qualifications and examination tests. This procedure ensures that only candidates with the highest and most specific skills will access the available roles, thus ensuring the highest quality and professionalism in the Ministry’s workforce. In addition to the 75 new hires, the Ministry of Culture will proceed with the internal call for applications to recruit an additional 25 resources who meet the requirements for high professionalism. Interested professionals can find more details and how to apply on the Ministry of Culture’s official website. Applications must be submitted by the deadline specified in the call for applications.

There is a possible pre-selection test, followed by a written and an oral test. Among the requirements for participation, in addition to specific academic qualifications, three years of professional experience in the work area related to each profile is also required.

The notice of competition is available at


“State museums and the entire Ministry of Culture,” said Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, “need high professionalism, high-profile figures that unfortunately the public administration in the past has struggled to attract. In recent years, many competition-winning professionals have not accepted entry into the roles of the administration because of pay and grading that are not always adequate in relation to the responsibilities and new goals that this administration has set for itself. This is a serious problem that we are trying to solve, including offering a great opportunity to professionals in the field. This is another significant moment in our efforts to inject new energies and skills through which we will best meet the ambitious challenges ahead.”

Ministry of Culture hires: competition for 75 officials arrives
Ministry of Culture hires: competition for 75 officials arrives

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