Working in the cultural field: offers collected this week

Here are the job openings in the arts and culture sector noted by our editorial staff this week: open positions, competitions, and positions from May 3 to 10, 2024.

Working in culture and the arts: this week’s proposals come from the Ministry of Culture and companies. Here are the open positions and offers we have gathered from May 3 to 10, 2024.

In Milan, the Condé Nast Italia company is looking for a Senior Communication Manager. Reporting directly to the VP Communications, the figure will be responsible for overseeing all communication activities of Condé Nast Italia. The role also involves working closely with editorial leaders and the local leadership team to create a strong, integrated communications program. The main focus will be to lead strategic communications for prestigious brands such as Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, GQ, AD, Condé Nast Traveller, Wired and La Cucina Italiana. In addition, the Senior Manager will be responsible for fostering innovation within the team, helping to amplify journalism, content and leadership through innovative approaches and new strategies. For information see Condé Nast Italy’s Linkedin page.

In Milan, Studio Folder is looking for a highly creative, flexible, independent, motivated and talented Graphic Designer to be involved in visual andinteraction design activities. The ideal candidate will work with colleagues, various professionals and vendors to provide design solutions across multiple platforms such as print, digital and environmental applications. For information go to the Studio Folder website.

In Milan, the Ciaopeople publishing group is looking for a person to be the point person for Geopop’s branded content project management. The resource will be placed in the role of: Branded Content PM. The person will enter the Geopop world to coordinate all branded content project activities, in close contact internally with colleagues in the commercial department and the creative team and externally with agencies, partners and clients. For information see Ciaopeople’s Linkedin page.

In Milan, the company PT Consulting is looking for a Web Designer. The ideal candidate is very talented, open-minded, loves marketing, has a desire to grow and increase our team; loves to build digital design products (Websites, Landing Pages, Brand Identity) starting from the design of flawless UX and Customer Journey; has in addition graphic design skills, good taste and pounds of creativity. The scope of work will be to create websites and landing pages and create a perfect user experience both from mobile and pc for the visitor, copy will always be provided. Graphics should be in line with the company brand and structured to support the copy to facilitate conversion. See PT Consulting’s Linkedin page for information.

In Milan, the company SKIN FIRST is looking for a Graphic Designer who will work on: Front-end graphics and design for e-commerce site; Graphics and templates for Newsletter communications; Graphics and templates for ADV (FB, IG, TikTok..); Graphics and templates for Social Organic (IG, FB, TikTok..); Graphics for off-line communications (ooh campaigns, flyers, flyers..); Product Graphics (labels, cases, screen printing, boxes, gadgets..); Graphics and templates for presentations and internal Brand material; Support in creative direction on the visual side; Basic Video Editing / Video Editing (Adobe Premiere and After Effect); Illustrations, following your artistic stroke. For information visit SKIN FIRST®.

InPavia, theUniversity of Pavia announces an open competition for titles and exams, for the filling of 1 position of category D/1 - library area - at the Research Center on the manuscript tradition of modern and contemporary authors. The figure will be responsible for the following activities: Archival library reference; Cataloguing library material; Archival description; Updating social pages; Organizing events; Managing relations with the Superintendency and external bodies; Managing donations, contact with heirs, contact with publishers; Managing digital archival material; Managing trainees, part-time; Supporting the Scientific Technical Committee; Supporting administrative-accounting activities. Deadline 13/05/2024. For information see the University of Pavia website.

For Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Ministry of Culture (MiC), announces a procedure for the awarding of 7 (seven) appointments for the realization of the following activities: no. 4 collaborators Architects of technical support for office activities regarding the projects described below without excluding participation in preliminary investigations related to authorization procedures of competence, collaborations inherent to the verifications of cultural interest as well as participation in coordination meetings with the referents; no. 2 collaborators Archaeologists for activities concerning the census and reorganization of materials stored at warehouses within the competence of SABAP FVG and at other ministerial, municipal and other warehouses located on the regional territory, the preliminary investigations for theinitiation and renewal of ministerial storage practices for exhibition and/or shelter purposes at local authorities and the procedures for conformation and adaptation of PRCGs to the PPR FVG (Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Landscape Plan) and the procedures for landscape protection (APO and APS) and environmental protection (EIA); no. 1 collaborator Art Historian for of technical support to activities of protection and enhancement of the regional cultural historical and artistic heritage by assisting the technicians of the ABAP Superintendence. For information see the Sabap Friuli Venezia Giulia website.

In Vicenza, the company Blue Consulting is looking for a professional archivist to manage digital and paper archives. The resource will be responsible for scanning documents and entering data into our databases. See Blue Consulting’s Linkedin page for information.

ForEmilia-Romagna, the Ministry of Culture (MiC) announces a procedure for the awarding of 10 collaborative positions for the year 2024 at the Emilia-Romagna Regional Museums Directorate and its afferent offices for the following professional figures: no. 2 Archivists; no. 1 Communication and press office consultant; no. 1 Social media strategist and content creator expert in social sponsorships; no. 1 Art historian professional in cultural mediation and heritage education; no. 3 Restorers; and no. 2 Archaeologists. For information go to the Musei Emilia Romagna Beni Culturali website.

In Reggio Emilia, the company Max Mara Fashion Group is looking for a fashion library specialist is a curious and empathetic figure who aims to do consulting aimed at designers and creatives, based on updated sources from the Fashion Industry. For information go to Max Mara Fashion Group’s Linkedin page.

In Parma, the company Redhotideas is looking for a copywriter to add to its team. The resource will work within the Traditional and Digital teams and will need to: Create engaging and persuasive content for a variety of media, including websites, social media and marketing materials; Understand client needs and the Art Director’s vision For information go to the Redhotideas website.

For the provinces of Pisa and Livorno, the Ministry of Culture (MiC), announces a procedure for the awarding of positions for the following collaborators in order to support the functions of protection and enhancement of the cultural heritage and landscape of the area of competence: no. 1 surveyor; no. 1 art historian; no. 3 architects; no. 2 archaeologists. For information see the Sabap Pisa Livorno website.

In Rome, the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation is looking for a junior officer for communications and copywriting to work on public policy projects. For information go to Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini’s Linkedin page.

In Rome, Executive - Production is looking for technicians and workers for the production of the short film “Noir Burlesque,” a project inspired by the work of Enrico Marini. The following figures and workers are required: Camera Operator; Lighting Technicians and Gaffers; Audio Technicians and Boom Operators; Set and Costume Designers; Production Assistants and Runners; Script Assistants; Make-up Artist and Special Make-up. For information go to Executive - Production’s Linkedin page.

In Benevento, Leone Design agency is looking for a Jr web design. Primary responsibilities are: Development and implementation of design strategies to create engaging and functional user experiences. Design and development of intuitive, responsive websites, integrating the latest technologies and industry best practices. Collaboration with other business teams to ensure an integrated and cohesive view of projects. Analyzing website performance and identifying optimization opportunities to improve user experience and search engine rankings. Coaching and supporting design team development, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. For information go to Leone Design’s Linkedin page.

In Bari, the Ministry of Culture (MiC) announces an awarding procedure aimed at identifying 14 suitable professionals to perform the functions of: no. 2 art historian; no. 2 restorers; no. 5 archaeologists; no. 3 architects; no. 2 accounting technicians; and no. 2 staff members for the functions of site assistant. For information go to the Sabap Bari website.

In Catania, agency + ADD DESIGN is looking for an enthusiastic and passionate Digital Designer capable of creating projects for various digital platforms. The figure will be part of the design unit, in privileged contact with creative direction and social media strategy figures. Projects, static or animated, will enrich the agency’s and clients’ digital feeds and presences, ensuring brand consistency across all channels under your purview. See + ADD DESIGN’s Linkedin page for information.

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Image: view of Bari

Working in the cultural field: offers collected this week
Working in the cultural field: offers collected this week

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