Auctions April 20 to 26: antique art, carpets and antiques

The weekly auction event is back: here are the bargains not to be missed from April 20-26, 2022.

Welcome back to our column dedicated to auctions! Here are the best deals from April 20 to 26.

From April 26 to May 5, Pandolfini will hold the Antique and 19th-century Paintings auction selling paintings by artists such as Alfredo Protti and Cesare Maccari.

At Wannenes, the Antique Rugs and Textiles auction is still ongoing until April 27.

At Cambi ’s are For Men, which ends April 21, Antiques April, which ends April 22, and Antique Paintings, running through April 29.

Finarte also has an auction dedicated to rugs entitled, precisely, Rugs. It will be held on April 21.

Two auctions at Bertolami ’s on April 22: for lovers of antiquities there is Antiquities, for those who want to buy gems there is Glittica - with an important selection of Poniatowski gems.

Lots of auctions at Christie’s: April 20 ends Watches Online: The Champion Collection Part II - Sport Elegance; April 21 ends No Regrets : 20/21 Art Online: All Editions; April 22 will be the last day of No Regrets: 20/21 Art Online: All Originals and Prints & Multiples will also take place; through April 25 is Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts including Americana; through April 26 is 20th/21st Century: Amsterdam.

Lots of auctions at Sotheby’s as well: on April 20 there is The Hand of God; on April 21 we have Evening Auction Art Impressionniste et Moderne and ending Prints & Multiples; on April 22 there is Contemporary Curated.

Pictured: Giovanni Carnovali known as il Piccio, Holy Family (1824), for sale at Cambi’s

Auctions April 20 to 26: antique art, carpets and antiques
Auctions April 20 to 26: antique art, carpets and antiques

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