Auctions March 15 to 21: modern art, photography and watches

As every Wednesday, the appointment with the best auctions returns: here are the bargains from March 15 to 21, 2023.

What are the best auctions from March 15 to 21? Let’s find out together.

For oriental art enthusiasts, Pandolfini opens the Eastern Art - 东方艺术 auction from March 21 to 28.

At Wannenes there are the auctions The Art of Ceramics on March 16 and Italian Design and Style open until March 20.

At Cambi, while Pocket Watches ends on March 16 and Jewelry ends on March 17, the Design200 auction opens on March 21.

For photography enthusiasts, Finarte opens the auction entitled, precisely, Photography on March 16.

Pananti’s Modern and Contemporary Art auction concludes on March 15. Among the lots for sale are works by artists such as Maurilio Colombini, Renzo Grazzini, and Gino Paolo Gori.

Five auctions at Christie’s: March 15 concludes Modern Collector: Design, Tiffany Studios, and Property from a Pacific Island Connoisseur; March 16 expires Prints and Multiples; through March 20 is Watches Online: Top of the Time; March 21 will be Modern British and Irish Art Evening Sale and Japanese and Korean Art.

Lots of auctions at Sotheby’s: on March 15 are The Robert & Helga Ehret Collection and Surrealism & Its Legacy; on March 16 are Exceptional Global Properties: Part I and A Selection of Modern, Post-War & Contemporary Artworks (which runs through March 19); on March 20 we have Modern & Contemporary South Asian Art; on March 21 are Celestial Colors. The Cadle Family Collection of Chinese Monochromes, Fine Jewels and Indian and Himalayan Art, including Masterpieces from the Nyingjei Lam Collection.

Pictured: Gianfranco Frezzolini, Road with Houses, oil on canvas, for sale at Pananti’s

Auctions March 15 to 21: modern art, photography and watches
Auctions March 15 to 21: modern art, photography and watches

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