Auctions Oct. 19-25: paintings, silverware and movie posters

Auctions of the week: as every week the best proposals from the best houses. Here are the appointments from October 19 to 25, 2022.

New appointment with our column dedicated to auctions. Here are the best deals from October 19 to 25.

From October 20 to 27 Pandolfini opens the ITALIAN AND EUROPEAN ARGENTS auction selling, coffee pots, candlesticks and glasses all strictly in silver.

At Wannenes, the DIPINTS OF SOVIET REALISM auction is under way until October 26. Among the lots for sale are paintings by artists such as Valentin Nikolaevich Rudometkin and Sergiy Fedorovich Shishko.

At Cambi ’s there are ongoing auctions 19th-20th century Paintings (until Oct. 25), October Antiques (until Oct. 26) and Modern and Contemporary Art (until Oct. 27).

Two auctions at Finarte: on Oct. 20 there is The Art of Movie Posters; on Oct. 21 and 22 there will be Comics: original plates and illustrations.

On Oct. 21 Pananti has an Antiques auction with lots dating from various eras, from the 18th to the 20th century.

Lots of auctions at Christie’s: on Oct. 19 there is Modern British & Irish Art Evening Sale; on Oct. 20 there will be Modern British & Irish Art Day Sale, Collection Béatrice et Patrick Caput, The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection: Volume 1 | Important Pictures and Decorative Arts, Evening Sale and AVANT-GARDE(S) Including Thinking Italian; on Oct. 21 it will be the turn of Art Moderne, Churchill to Eden: The Collection of the Earl and Countess of Avon and The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection: Volume 2 | Old Master, 19th and 20th Century Paintings, Day Sale; on October 22 we will have The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection: Volume 3 | English and European Furniture, Porcelain and Silver, Day Sale; and on October 23 there will be The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection: Volume 4 | Chinese Works of Art, English and European Furniture and Decorative Arts, Day Sale.

Lots of auctions at Sotheby’s: October 24 is Inside the World of Francis Bacon: Provenant de la Collection Majid Boustany; October 25 will be The Orientalist Sale, Modern and Contemporary South Asian, Collection Waller and Modernités.

Pictured: Rudolf Claudus, Marine with Sailboats, pair of paintings, oil on panel, on sale at Cambi

Auctions Oct. 19-25: paintings, silverware and movie posters
Auctions Oct. 19-25: paintings, silverware and movie posters

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