May 18-24 auctions: 19th and 20th century art, jewelry and ceramics

As every week, the auction column is renewed. Here are the bids from May 18 to 24, 2022.

New appointment with our column dedicated to auctions. Here are the best offerings from May 18 to 24.

Lots of auctions at Pandolfini: until June 13 there is the charity auction for the reforestation of Prato; from May 19 to 30 there is Vintage: bags and accessories by Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci; from May 20 to 27 there will be Jewelry and Watches and Pens; on May 24 it will be the turn of Coins of Milan, House of Savoy, Zecchini and Oselle in gold from Venice; from May 24 to 31 Smart Wine 2 will take place. 0.

Wannenes is also planning an auction titled Jewels to be held May 20-31.

From May 19 to 31, Farsetti will open the Jewelry and Watches auction.

Four auctions at Cambi: May 18 ends Ceramics and Glass; through May 19 is 19th and 20th century Paintings; May 24 will be Fine and Coral Jewels and Contemporary Jewelry.

Lots of auctions at Finarte: on May 18 there are Works from the Collection of Guglielmo Battistoni and Modern and Contemporary Art-Part I; on May 19 there will be Modern and Contemporary Art-Part II; on May 20 we will have International Graphics and Multiples by Author; on May 23 there will be Silver and Jewelry.

Lots of auctions at Christie’s: on May 18 there is Michelangelo’s First Nude: A Drawing Rediscovered and Maîtres Anciens - Dessins, Peintures, Sculptures; on May 21 there will be The visionary’s spectacular cellar; on May 23 it will be Handbags & Accessories; on May 24 we will have Photographies, The Champion Collection Part III: The Artistry of Complications and Important Watches and The Rise of The Independent Watchmakers, Featuring The Kairos Collection Part II.

On May 24, Sotheby ’s will hold The Amy & Elliot Lawrence Collection auction selling the sculptures that Amy and Elliott Lawrence have collected over the years.

Pictured: Dante Comelli, Alpine Landscape, oil on canvas, for sale at Cambi.

May 18-24 auctions: 19th and 20th century art, jewelry and ceramics
May 18-24 auctions: 19th and 20th century art, jewelry and ceramics

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